Leaving the GAP – Riding great roads 28, Wayah Road, Cherohala Skyway.


We woke up to the strange silence. It was not raining and the sun was actually trying to come out. Today would be a great day!

We broke camp and had breakfast. We were ready to hit the road, ready to attack a few good roads before heading back west across TN.

This bike was unloaded as we were packing up. Gotta get the Trophy painted in that scheme.

Ray was taking our picture as we loaded up to leave.

Jackie had to run out of the mud that morning. Got his RT some GS time

We stopped at Fontana Dam on the way. It was a nice place. The skies looked like it could rain but it only sputtered some. The riding was great.

The roads are wonderful and twisty! The tarmac is top notch. We did not take enough pictures as we were too busy riding. We did take Wayah Road and that was a visual treat. The pavement was not the best, but it was scenic. It started to rain while we were on it, so we just motored ahead. Thanks to Scott for pointing that road out to us. We did a good high speed pass of the Skyway. No one was on the roads, and there were a few times, that we were 30-40 over the recommended posted MPH. We did not see one LEO all day on those roads.

Jamie takes some great shots from the pillion seat.

Rob caught Jackie and I setting our timers

We got this wet damp picture out of it. The overlook was fogged in.

A guy on a triumph Sprint rode up behind us and followed us into Tellico Plains. We stopped at the same place to eat and he said he had a ball following us as we were having some fun. Jackie called it the speedway instead of the skyway hehehe. Good fun and great roads..

The diner in Tellico Plains served good food. We chatted with some guys and girls on bikes and enjoyed our lunch. The great riding was behind us now. We would head as far east as we could before it got dark. It was a sad moment, knowing the trip was starting to come to an end.

We stayed in the small town of Manchester TN that evening. Tomorrow we still had 300 Miles to Memphis and a couple hundred more to Clarksville AR, it would be a long day.


Pictures from The gap.


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Jackie looking smooth

This is a great picture as well


TWO Camp – Deals Gap Resort & the Dragon.

The next day we woke up to thick humid air. You could almost cut it with a knife. Jamie had a great idea, so we decided to break camp and spend a couple of days at the Deals Gap resort. That way we were closer to the roads that we wanted to ride. We broke camp and were thinking about where we were going to eat. Jackie and Rob walked over to the little store to grab some coffee. They came back with the news that the store was out of GAS. I thought they were joking. The problem was they were telling the truth. We would have to go 28 miles to get some fuel. I knew I was close to being out. The good news was TWO opened for breakfast so we did not have to go anywhere to get some grub. We were all pretty hungry since there was not a dinner the evening before. Jackie made me laugh out loud when I asked him if he was hungry. His reply was something like “I could eat the Ass out of a rat or something like that” It was funny, guess you had to be there. We ate breakfast and met some very nice people from Florida. We talked bikes and cities and then parted ways.

It came out of the fog. A large figure..sporting riding boots

We headed down the rode and we made it the 28 miles for gas. I put 6.2 gallons into the Trophy it holds 6.5 gallons. The roads were great and the excitement was building as we approached the GAP. The scenery in that part of the country is awesome!

We pulled onto US 129 and headed up to the Dragon. We stopped to take pictures at Fugitive Dam (this is the dam that Harrison Ford jumped from in the movie the Fugitive) this is the last stop before the roads get really fun. Whoo hoo..

Jackie Trying to hide

We made our way up this beautiful road to ride into motorcycle mecca. The place was full of bikes and a few LEO’s as well. We knew the LEO factor would be heavier since we were there last, but it was all good. They were only writing tickets for anything 15mph or over. Hell on those roads that is doing something. We set up camp and then walked over for lunch. We then jumped on the Dragon and rode the Gap a couple of times. We had no incidents and did not get passed so life was good.

This was one of the first bikes we saw after arriving. He got bitten by the Dragon.

It was a great day. We hung out by the fire and just enjoyed the evening. Life is good!


Barber Museum – TWO campgrounds

We woke up early on Monday morning. It was already starting to get warm. You could feel the humidity in the air and we knew it was going to get hot later in the day. We decided to break camp before it got any warmer. This was a good plan.

We were packing up tents and getting things back on the bike when we heard Jackie in a louder than normal tone yell…… OUCH! He then looked down to see that his wonderful wife left in some sewing needles when she was doing some work on his pants. Jackie is a little vertically challenged so she had to hem up his pants. I guess she got side tracked and forgot the pins… all THREE of them. Hehehe The rest of the packing happened without anyone getting injured.

We ate a great breakfast, said goodbye to the great people at 29 Dreams and then headed down the road to the Barber Motorsports Museum. [http://www.barbermuseum.org/] I love this place and have been a number of times but it still is a great time. Jackie had never been, so we knew he would enjoy the visit. We took a ton of pictures and here are a few of those. I will feeling a little artsy, so some of the pictures may seem strange. They had a track day going on as well.

We left barber and headed up to northern Georgia and TWO campground. We took back roads and just enjoyed the day. We did stop at Amicalola Falls State Park. I have always loved these falls and the break was nice as it was a little hot and the falls seemed to cool things down for awhile.

We shot over to a little town named Dahlonega GA. this is the all American town. We went thru on Memorial day and they had flags all over town with names of fallen veterans from the area. It was very touching. Jamie took a great picture of the courthouse while we rode by.

We arrived at TWO campground a little past 7PM. The little store on the corner was closed so we did not get to have much of a dinner. I was more worried about fuel, as I need to fill up. I figured I would get gas the following morning. We set up camp in a slow downfall of rain. It was actually nice as it cooled things down some.

Tomorrow we tackle the dragon


Greenville, MS to 29 Dreams in Leeds Alabama – Day 2

We woke up in hot and humid Greenville. The AC was blasting in the room. Jamie was a little chilly when she woke up, but that changed quickly when she walked outside. We ate a quick breakfast and headed out into the humid heavy air. Rob and Jamie were fight allergies so we stopped at a Walmart in Greenville. They all look the same hehehe.

The ride to Birmingham was un-eventful. I loved how green everything was. It started to get warm by mid afternoon. We wanted to get to the campground so we could eat and take our time setting up for our first night of camping.

We stopped at this little town to take a break. We pulled up to the covered gas pumps, where a group of Harley riders were parked to avoid the heat. When we pulled up, they looked at us like we were aliens. We started to peel off our gear and they just rolled their eyes. They were all in short sleeves and jeans. Of course the women were not even in that. They asked us where we were from. I told them Dallas… They responded TEXAS?? I said yes and they again looked at us again like we were from another planet. A few minutes later they fired up their machines and after making the earth rumble and making my ears bleed they rode off. One took off so fast that if his girl had not had a sissy bar she would have been on the road as she was not paying attention. The people in the gas station just frowned and made comments. One old man said to us, that he liked our bikes, they were quiet.

Rob even had his own pump at the station.

We arrived at 29 Dreams right at 5PM. When we pulled up, it looked like the crowd was thinning out. Being that is was a holiday weekend; they seemed to have been busy. We walked inside to check in. The staff was really friendly. They offered to make us dinner and box it up for us, before the grill closed. They also made us a cooler of beer and water. They said to use what we wanted then return the rest for a credit. They were so out going and made us feel very welcome. We went down and staked out our camp area. When we walked up they had dinner ready and a nice cold beer on ice. It was awesome! I will say it again, they were fantastic!

I even had to do some minor wrenching when we arrived. The latch on the side bags had lost a screw. As you all know I am a great mechanic so it was not a big issue. Ha Ha

We set up camp and then ate dinner in our shaded camp area. It was only 90 degrees out! The restrooms and bathrooms were state of the art. These were best restrooms in a campground that I have ever seen. Hell they even had motorcycle mags in the bathrooms for your reading. We will stay there again if we are in the area. We highly recommend the place.

Rob set up his mansion of a tent, while Jackie and I were using our little tents. Rob had a harder time setting up, as the pool table was hard to move into the basement. Hehehe I got a picture of Jackie and Jamie at their best.

We hung out with another couple from Alabama that evening. Mike and Karry were a lot of fun. He was riding a full bagged Harley with a very cool trailer. It was made from an old fridge. It was very cool.

We hit the sack around 10PM. It was really warm when we laid down, but cooled down nicely during the evening. Tomorrow the trip really started as we would visit Barber and hit some nice roads in the afternoon. Day two was a good one. We enjoyed our stay at 29 Dreams.


Plano to Greenville Mississippi – Day 1

The day had finally arrived and we were set to hit the road. The Trophy was LOADED down. We had camping gear as well as all of the things needed for an 8 day trip. Jamie was really good as she got most of her things in one side case.

We met Rob at the local Race Trac and then headed over to 80 and hook up with Jackie. We got to him around 8:15. After a quick hello we were all anxious to hit the road and start the journey.

We hit the road and made it over to Minneola for a quick bite of breakfast. We wanted to eat at the La Waffalatta but they did not open until 10AM. I thought it was kind of strange for a breakfast location but it all worked out. We walked across the street to the out Kitchens Deli & Restaurant. This is a nice breakfast place, attached to a hardware store. It was a very cool place.

We then headed up north thru Gilmer and up thru east Texas. The ride was a nice one. I always love the change of scenery in that part of Texas. It looked like it could rain, but never did. It kept things pretty cool for the day in fact. We did the little slab across Arkansas going thru El Dorado, Hamburg and finishing up in HOT and HUMID Greenville MS.

We stayed at the Days Inn. Speaking with the girl behind the desk, we learned that 92 degrees and 100% humidity was a nice day. She told me in her own southern way, that it would get so much hotter during the true summer. She said she stays inside all of the time as it gets hell hot later in the summer. I thought to myself, that this was Hell hot hehehe.

We did get to see the new bridge across the Mississippi around Greenville. It is a high tech bridge and looks pretty cool. They have a bunch of casinos in that area, it seems to have brought some money to the area. The town itself seems pretty depressed.

I will get to day 2 as soon as I can.

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Road trip

Big Bend Ride Report Posted

Well it only took me a few days but I have the entire report posted. I know it is long but it was a wonderful trip and the pictures do not come close to showing actually how beautiful it was down there. (Remember to click on the pictures to see the full size version)

Here is the breakdown of the entire trip.

Tuesday April 8: Prep Day
Wednesday April 9: Off we go
Thursday April 10: Alpine here we come
Friday April 11: Big Bend – River Road WOW!!
Saturday April 12: McDonald Observatory – Ft. Davis
Sunday April 13: Long way home.

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