CMRA – Cresson (Endurance Race Day)

We got up on Saturday expecting a wonderful day to attend the races. We were not disappointed. The weather was awesome and the riding even better. A group of us met at Motopia and had breakfast before we headed out. Paul, Eddie, Rob and myself were joined by Jackie, Alta and their Daughter (Jennifer) and son -in -law (Michael). It was a great way to start the day. We headed out of town and took some back roads to hook up with Vern in Venus, Texas. After a short break we headed over to the track. It was a beautiful day. listening to the roar of a motorcycle pushing it’s RPM limit is a beautiful thing! We stayed a couple of hours and then everyone parted ways and headed back to the metroplex. The only excitement on the way back was a black truck hauling a car trailer that was empty. Rob and I were headed down the GBH and this truck looked at me and proceeded to change lanes into me. I glanced over and shook my head. I guess he did not like this so he sped up, cut me off then slammed on his brakes. I guess he was offering to trailer the bike to the house. I turned him down and drove by him in a fury, gave him a wave and took off ….he tried to catch me.. silly man haha. I was so mad when I got home, turned on the game drank a beer and relaxed. Other than that the day was a good one. Check out the pictures here.


A Day at the Races.

We were all under the impression that the weather was going to be awesome (70+) so we thought that a day at the races would be a great way to spend a warm sunny day.

The Central Motorcycle Racing Association was having their first race of the season here in North Texas at the Oak Hill Track in Henderson. We had never been out there so we were all looking forward to it.

Jamie and I met Rob and Herman at the Racetrac by the house at 8AM. We then slabbed it over to Terrell to meet up with Jackie, Vern, Old Paul, Paul and Peggy. Let me tell you this. It was COLD! The weather was overcast and it was flat out chilly. Jamie made full use of the heated vest. It looked overcast and was getting colder by the mile. We knew it had to break as the weather forecast is never wrong!. hehehe. Remember to click on the pictures to see the full size version. See all of the pictures here: CMRA gallery

We all got together and headed over to Tyler where we took a much needed get warm break. I have to say that I have not been this cold on a ride in a long long time. Maybe since this ride last year. I had to actually put on my brothers rain suit pants just to try and get warmer.

We got to the races around 11:00am. The parking was fine and the races were already well underway. There is nothing better than hearing the scream of bikes hauling ass around a track. Jamie had never been to a races so she was excited as well. We hung out, had lunch and watched 2-3 races. The sun FINALLY came out while we watched, so it warmed up which was a very nice change for the day. We walked around the paddock and checked out all the camps / bike area. It was awesome. See all of Rob’s Pictures here.

The day was a great one. It started out cold but got better and better as the day went on. I want to Thank Paul for setting it up. I say it all of the time, but the people that we ride with are wonderful. They are not just riding buddies but they are friends. Thanks again Paul for the idea of attending the races. The picture below from L-R is Paul, Herman and then my wonderful wife Jamie.

We got back to the house around 6PM. We logged 316 miles and had a great day. I do have to say that if my only option for riding is the superslab I would pass. The interstate sucks.. But the day was a good one. Can’t wait until March and the races in Cressen.

Here are some video taken from the day. This was shot on my hand held digital camera so quality is what it is.. Sorry.


Lunch at the Shed!

What a beautiful day! The weather was fabulous and the ride even better. We had a late Saturday night, but Jamie and I jumped out of bed and was ready to roll Sunday morning. We met Rob at the Race Trac. We beat him to the spot for the first time in ages. Could have been I told Jamie we needed to be there at 8:30am but Rob and I knew we had to be there at 8:45am so we were all on time.

We then headed on over to meet up with Jackie and Alta. The traffic was not to bad and we all showed up at the meeting spot around 9:30AM. We were happy that Alta could go with us. Today was her B-day and she had a busy day. We love her and we are so happy to call her friend.

We took all of the back roads and just enjoyed the beautiful day. We stopped one time around 25 miles from Edom. We really had a great time. I miss being on the bike.

The Shed has always been a favorite place of ours. There were a few bikes there when we rode up but many more by the time we started to the house. We love the country feel and the food was very good. I had a burger and Jamie had the Chicken Fried steak. We finished up with some pie. It was a nice meal. We also ran into some of our friends that ride a Harley. They joined us for lunch. We also ran into them on the way home, that was a nice surprise as they are great people.

Jamie was looking over there bike, trying to find out out to make the trophy this comfy and roomy. We logged 280 miles for the day. It was sunny, and the roads were good. We love our friends and it was a nice way to kick off the riding season. Until Next time. See all of the pictures here.


Ponder Pie Pictures

The gang in front of the Ranchman: Vern, Rob, Staci, Jackie, Jamie and Pete

It was a little cold when we started out. The fog was thick and we had to continue to wipe our face shields off. We met Rob, Pete and Jackie at the Racetrac. We went over had a huge breakfast and then headed to Ponder. The gang was all there. Looked like a great crowd. Some made it from as far as Oklahoma City and Houston.

The cobbler was great and the conversation even better. It is great seeing our motorcycle friends again. We road over to 455 when we left and just took a nice afternoon ride home. It was a good Saturday. You can see all of the pictures here: Ponder Pictures.

Plenty of bikes to talk about.

I am terrible with names.

mmmmmmm Cobbler..

Ken all the way from Oklahoma…

Pete was actually there riding.. We miss him .. ST probably did not want to start for such a long ride haha!

Pie Run I: Perfectly Pleasing Pie in Ponder

The gang at Two Wheeled Texans will be meeting on Saturday Jan 26, 2008 for PIE and conversation. This is the first run of the year and kicks off the 2008 PIE run schedule. The PIE run will be held at the following;

Ranchman’s Cafe
110 W Bailey
Ponder, Texas 7625

11:00 (?) in Ponder, TX
26 January 2008

A group of us are meeting for breakfast and then will head over to the ranchman for a piece of pie and some conversation. We will meet at the Racetrac (125 Legacy Drive Plano TX 75025) on legacy & 75 at 8:30AM.

We will then take the fabulous ride (121) to Wecks in Lewisville. Here you all will get to enjoy the wonderful taste of New Mexican cuisine. Trust me it is very tasty.

We will then head out the 27 miles to Ponder to have get some PIE!

I was thinking that depending on the weather we would do a short ride after the PIE eating has been completed. I was thinking of heading north and maybe shoot across 455 and then head back to the house. The route is below. Looks like the weather should be decent. Can’t wait to get back on the bike. It has been awhile.


Breakfast at Cappy’s

A group of us wanted to ride some on Sunday but we also knew it was going to get hot! We decided to leave at 7AM and head up to Bonham, eat breakfast and then get back to town before the really bad heat warmed up the afternoon.

Jackie & Alta, Paul, Rob, Bo, Herman and Jamie and I met at the Starbucks off Bethany and 75. Bo showed up a little late, but we did not give him to bad of a time, since it was his B-day weekend and he had a few bottles of the vino the night before. We rode up North, hit 697 and then got over to Cappy’s around 9:30.

We had a hearty (not healthy) breakfast and then headed back. It was the first trip that I had used the GPS. I have to say that it was very nice and we only made a couple of “unscheduled” turns.

By the time we got back into town it was hot, but at the end of the day, life was good. We got to ride some nice roads, with good friends, what more could one ask for. You can see a few pictures that I took here. Jackie & Alta took some pictures as well. You can see theirs here. I did take some of Jackie’s pictures for this write up. Thanks Jackie!

Until Next time.. be safe..

What a Beautiful Day!

This is the kind of day, where we get paid back for all of those horrible Hot Summer Days. It is Dec 17th and the temp stood somewhere between 70-75 today! A group of us hooked up and went for a little ride. I put on 237 miles as we toured the small farm to Market roads in Northern Texas. We ran into a large group of beemers while out and about. There were a ton of bikes out enjoying the great weather. We stopped for lunch in Bonham TX and had a wonderful time. Good weather, great friends and a day on the bike… Not a bad way to spend a Sunday in December. YOU can see the rest of the pictures here: Bonham Gallery.