RTE – Lonestar BMW Hamburger Cookout.

Jim was fantastic! Thanks to all of the cooks. They did a great job

Today was the annual Lonestar BMW Hamburger Cookout in Sulphur Oklahoma.

The alarm went off at 6:00 AM, I hit snooze, 10 minutes later I was ready to go, I jumped out of bed and took a quick shower. It has been raining around here for almost 10 days so I was itching to get on the bike. The starting place for today’s ride was the Tollway and Eldorado Market Street store. I rolled in around 7:30, after getting some gas and putting some air in the bike tires. The morning air was very nice. Not too cool, but very comfortable. The weather forecast was looking great as no rain was in the area. I pulled in and there must have been 30-40 bikes in the parking lot. I parked and joined into the conversation about the upcoming day and the ride that we were embarking on. The group of bikes was very diverse, many GS, RT, GT models as well as a few of us on other makes and models. They do allow some Japanese bikes to hang out.. as long as we are quiet.

Mark and the others enjoying the beautiful morning.

The group was separated into smaller ride groups. There were fast groups and then slower groups along with the GS guys. Jackie and I headed off with the 2nd fasted group. The ride was a nice pace and we made pretty good time. The group was a little too large for my liking, but it was a good day of riding. We rolled thru North Texas and then into Oklahoma. We stopped for a break in Oklahoma and kicked more tires. I love the social aspect of these rides. It seems the BMW club is very good at promoting these events as social events so we get to see a lot of the spouses along for a change. Jamie and the kids rode up in the car and brought Bella to check things out. I feel that this is one reason the club is successful. It is more than a motorcycle group, most are friends and it shows during these types of events.

Taking a break, enjoying everyone’s company.

Maybe Jim’s best side?? Hey I am just asking??

some of the “fast” guys heading out.

We took off and made our way closer to the Hamburgers. We stopped for a quick photo op at Turner Falls. This is a great little spot. The group did make another much needed stop to get some fried pies. This is a mandatory stop, as we all know that Motorcycles + Pie = Good times. Everyone enjoyed more chatting and some even ate their pies before heading to the Cookout. I picked up 4 as I got some for Jamie and the kids. I have to say that the Cherry was very good. I tried to take some pictures while rolling down the road.. you know Richard Swim style.. well It is much harder than it looks. You can see some of the examples that are actually in semi focus below. I need to get with Richard and have him give me some pointers, I love seeing his in motion pictures.

Jackie looking good

I was being artsy.. notice the falls somewhere in the picture.. really it is there.

Mark Jensen, looking sexy!

That is one big SHREK looking head.. Thank God Miss V holds up the looks in that combo.

We got to the hamburger cookout right around 11:45. This gave us plenty of time to kick some tires before the crowd showed up. We rode up and there were already a good 30 bikes already parked. One great thing about this venue is the parking. There is plenty of room and it is close to the food. I am thinking that the attendance had to be around 150+. The groups started to arrive one at a time and it never looked like the cooks were overwhelmed. Speaking of the cooks.. these guys are tops! They took care of everyone and it seemed that everyone left full and with a smile. Not too bad for $5. Thank to the cooks. I know Jim Wright did a bunch of work for this event and his enthusiasm showed. Thanks Jim!

Jamie showed up with the kids and the dog around noon. Bella seemed to like the surroundings as she had plenty of new smells to explore. The kids had a great time. The club made them all feel very welcomed. I think we hung out for a good two hours. Enjoying the food, fun and just doing what we all do best.. talk about everything concerning two wheels. I want to thank everyone that had kind words about us getting the new Connie.. everyone was so happy for us.. that is pretty cool. Thanks!

Travis and Krista.. looking sharp as always.

I am a lucky man!

I would have to say that the event was a very successful one. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.. Thanks to the LSBMW Riders for making this a great event!

Jackie and I headed out around 1:30. We were going to take a longer way back. We wanted to go see a fort that I had read about on Richards blog. We took off and enjoyed a nice uneventful ride to Fort Washita. We looked around and took some pictures. It is a very interesting place and I would recommend that if you are in the area to go by and check it out. We stayed around there for an hour and decided to slab it back to the metroplex. I got home right around 5PM and had totaled around 320 miles for the day. Not a bad way to spend a September Saturday. I can’t wait until next years cook out. If you want to see all of the pictures from the event, click here.

Annual RTE – LSBMW hamburger Cookout.

This weekend is the annual RTE LSBMW Club’s Hamburger Cookout. It is held in Sulphur OK in the Chickasaw National Rec Area. It should be a nice weekend to get out and ride some. I am going to take a longer way home and enjoy the new connie and stop by and see Fort Washita.

Last year was my first to attend this event and it was a wonderful time. I don’t know if Jamie will be joining me as we have the kids and Megan has a softball game at 2:30PM. There is usually around 100+ people who go up and enjoy the burgers and kicking tires with everyone. You can read about last years ride on my blog. Learn more about the event here: Bogriffinrides.com

RTE – Memorial Day Ride to Edom Texas

A group of us decided that we needed to ride and get some pie on the Holiday weekend. We left Plano around 8AM and headed up to the Walmart in Terrell. We would meet up with Jackie and Vern & Shelly there. we took the farm roads over to the Shed. We had a great meal and enjoyed some pie. The weather was awesome. Not to hot and not to cold.. just right as Goldilocks would say. It was a great day spent with good friends. Life is good! See all of the pictures here.

Our cat was chillin when we left this morning.

The gang ready to take off. Rob, Jamie, Jim, Herman

Rob’s beautiful new GT 1300.

Jim’s GT is a nice looking one as well.

The bikes all parked at the Shed

Jim said he could not see the menu so our cute waitress helped him out. She even said she would move it up and back so he could focus. Too damn funny!

Jamie eating peach cobbler and looking as cute as ever.

The gang is all here. Jamie, Jerry, Jackie, Herman, Vern, Shelly, Jim and Rob

Got a good 250 miles logged for the day and had a great time with our friends. Not a bad way to spend the holiday.


Motorcycle Show In Dallas

Got an extra $15 grand laying around? Jamie and I can put it to good use.

A group of us headed for the Motorcycle show here in Dallas. We started the morning off by eating at Motopia, then headed over to the show. It was a bummer that BMW & Triumph decided not to take part, but it was still a good time. A few nice looking bikes to drool over.

The Ducati girls were there as well… till next time C-ya!

Hanging out at the Hanger

We decided to go check out the breakfast at the Hanger. We have seen it posted, so we decided to go and check it out! The info is listed below;

Blue Hangar Café
Northwest Regional Airport
700 Boeing Way
Roanoke, Tx 76137
N33.055350 W97.231209

Time: 8:00 am
Date: Every Saturday


  • Take IH-35W to Exit 74 (1171)
  • Go east on 1171
  • Go south on Cleveland Gibbs Rd
  • Blue Hangar Café is on the east side of the runway. Take the first left off of Cleveland Gibbs that is at the north end of the runway. WATCH FOR AIRCRAFT! THIS IS A ACTIVE AIRPORT AND YOU USE THE SAME ACCESS ROADS AS THE AIRCRAFT AROUND THE RUNWAY! Take a right in front of the hangars, you will see the Blue Hangar Café on the left.

Our weekly meet up for Saturday morning breakfast is now at a new location and time! 8:00 am for you late risers! There’s airplanes to watch! Cage in, bike in, or fly in!

Planes, Bikes, Food.

We decided to attend our first breakfast at the hanger. It was a great time. It is so cool watching all of the planes flying in and out!

We left the house yesterday morning in the cool air. It was humid but very nice. The Trophy turned 30,000 this morning.

These little planes did a formation flyover after getting some breakfast. It was very impressive.

There were a fair amount of bikes that showed up. Not a bad place to hang out on a Saturday morning.

This was my favorite plane of the day

I like this picture

Taking off

Grey was the color of the day

Jackie’s New Bike

Vern’s ST with a nice plane in the background.

To see all of the pictures click here.

We will be back as the people and the place were fun!

Pie, Camping and rain – It is all good!

The pie run was scheduled and we had talked about camping, so it was a natural match. We decided to head out to the Two Wheel Texans Pie Run in Marshall Texas on Saturday. See all of the pictures from the weekend here.

Rob, Jamie and I met at the Race Trac on legacy at 8AM. We were packed and ready to go get some pie and do some camping in Arkansas.

The Trophy is loaded down and ready to go.

We slabbed it down 80 with no issues. There was a lot of traffic, but it was fine. We rode to Mineola and stopped for breakfast at the La Waffalata. This is attached to the world famous East Texas Burger Company. I have to say that breakfast was awesome! I would tell you all to stop by and give it a try. It has a nice baseball theme as well. Very nice!

The bikes in front of the waffle place.

Rob & Jamie waiting for their breakfast.

This thing was outside and it kinda spooked me some. hehehe

We headed out after a great meal, the remaining miles to Marshall. It was a little over cast but very nice riding weather. We arrived at the pie location around 12:35PM. There were a few bikes already there. The remaining group showed up while we were eating our pie. We got to visit with a few old friends and meet some new ones as well. Like always the group of bikes were very different. there were cruisers, sport bikes, sport touring bike, big baggers and a group of scooters showed up. It is always one of my favorite things about these pie runs. I love that people get together and enjoy each other, without any concern on what type of bike you are riding. It is all about Two Wheels! I guess there was a reporter there from a local newspaper. My wife spoke with her for while and she took a bunch of pictures. Here is a link to the newspaper. The article is here: TWTEX Rolls into town.

I got to spend some time chatting with Debbie from the Houston area. I have talked with her a few times and she is always very pleasant and has a wonderful smile. I met her a few years ago on one of our Arkansas trips. She always has time to chat and rides a cool looking bike to boot. Glad to see you Deb!

I borrowed this from Michelle 🙂 – Debbie and I chatting it up. See she is always smiling!

The gang is all here.

Pretty Bike!

Tracker and his son were part of the camping brigade for the weekend.

Motorcycle art – Jerry Style.

My beautiful wife – Love that smile!

Jamie had a few quotes in the article;

“It’s just so much fun,” Two-Wheeled Texan member Jamie James said. Mrs. James and her husband, Jerry, have been a part of the Two-Wheeled Texans for four years.

According to Mrs. James, brands and locations aren’t important.

“There’s no particular kind of bike here,” she said. “Just people from all over who have almost nothing in common getting together and sharing that one thing (motorcycles) they do have in common and eating pie.”

I think she covered it all. It is all about the hobby and the pie!

our pretty reporter asking questions. She was a very nice and seemed to enjoy the group.

The line for pie was a long one.

mmmmm pie!!

After the great pie we headed up north to do some camping in Mena. the weather was awesome. We had never rode up in that area and I have to say that it is very pretty. the trees were green and the sky blue. Life was good. We got up to the lodge around 4PM. We pitched our tents and relaxed some. Dave and Traci came up and had dinner with us.

The day was a good one.

Rob enjoying the nice roads

Home sweet home.

We met up with two couples at the lodge. One was riding a new Concours and the other a BMW RT. They had their wives with them and we chatted a little while. I know they live in the metroplex, but I have forgotten their names. We would love to ride with them in the future. We are always looking to ride with other 2-up couples. So if they read this, please contact us at jerry_james@verizon.net we would love to get together for a ride.

The view from the lodge was awesome.

The weather had reported that we would get wet that evening while camping. It never happened. In fact Jamie and I were up around 3AM, and it was beautiful outside. We even looked skyward and tried to figure out what those shiny things were in the sky hehehe. The next morning however was a different story. it was WINDY and cold. I am so glad we brought all of our gear. We had breakfast and then loaded up the camp. It was cold, but not unbearable.

Jamie all bundled up.

We decided not to do the ridge as the weather looked bad. We made it down to Big Cedar before we stopped and put on the rain gear. We got rained on for the rest of the ride back to Plano. It was not a bad rain, just a steady down pour. All in all it was a nice trip. We camped, ate pie and met some nice people. 590 miles for the weekend. Life is good!

The bike was a mess when we got home.

Marshall Pie & Mena Camping : April 26th

We have been thinking of doing a short one night camping trip and we were also thinking of doing the TWTEX Pie run on Saturday so I thought we would combine the two. We will leave Plano and head to Marshall around 8AM on the 26th. We will shoot over to Mineola via 60 and have breakfast. Then we will shoot down 60 and get into Marshall around 12Pm. This way we can watch the riders show up for the Pie Run and get our piece of pie, before the madness begins. We should be able to hit the road around 1:30PM heading for Mena. It is 184 miles to the camp ground so we are looking at getting there around 5:30PM. Plenty of time to pitch a tent and get dinner at the lodge.

Sunday we can get up eat breakfast, break camp and then ride the ridge and head home. Should be a great weekend.

CMRA – Cresson (Endurance Race Day)

We got up on Saturday expecting a wonderful day to attend the races. We were not disappointed. The weather was awesome and the riding even better. A group of us met at Motopia and had breakfast before we headed out. Paul, Eddie, Rob and myself were joined by Jackie, Alta and their Daughter (Jennifer) and son -in -law (Michael). It was a great way to start the day. We headed out of town and took some back roads to hook up with Vern in Venus, Texas. After a short break we headed over to the track. It was a beautiful day. listening to the roar of a motorcycle pushing it’s RPM limit is a beautiful thing! We stayed a couple of hours and then everyone parted ways and headed back to the metroplex. The only excitement on the way back was a black truck hauling a car trailer that was empty. Rob and I were headed down the GBH and this truck looked at me and proceeded to change lanes into me. I glanced over and shook my head. I guess he did not like this so he sped up, cut me off then slammed on his brakes. I guess he was offering to trailer the bike to the house. I turned him down and drove by him in a fury, gave him a wave and took off ….he tried to catch me.. silly man haha. I was so mad when I got home, turned on the game drank a beer and relaxed. Other than that the day was a good one. Check out the pictures here.

A Day at the Races.

We were all under the impression that the weather was going to be awesome (70+) so we thought that a day at the races would be a great way to spend a warm sunny day.

The Central Motorcycle Racing Association was having their first race of the season here in North Texas at the Oak Hill Track in Henderson. We had never been out there so we were all looking forward to it.

Jamie and I met Rob and Herman at the Racetrac by the house at 8AM. We then slabbed it over to Terrell to meet up with Jackie, Vern, Old Paul, Paul and Peggy. Let me tell you this. It was COLD! The weather was overcast and it was flat out chilly. Jamie made full use of the heated vest. It looked overcast and was getting colder by the mile. We knew it had to break as the weather forecast is never wrong!. hehehe. Remember to click on the pictures to see the full size version. See all of the pictures here: CMRA gallery

We all got together and headed over to Tyler where we took a much needed get warm break. I have to say that I have not been this cold on a ride in a long long time. Maybe since this ride last year. I had to actually put on my brothers rain suit pants just to try and get warmer.

We got to the races around 11:00am. The parking was fine and the races were already well underway. There is nothing better than hearing the scream of bikes hauling ass around a track. Jamie had never been to a races so she was excited as well. We hung out, had lunch and watched 2-3 races. The sun FINALLY came out while we watched, so it warmed up which was a very nice change for the day. We walked around the paddock and checked out all the camps / bike area. It was awesome. See all of Rob’s Pictures here.

The day was a great one. It started out cold but got better and better as the day went on. I want to Thank Paul for setting it up. I say it all of the time, but the people that we ride with are wonderful. They are not just riding buddies but they are friends. Thanks again Paul for the idea of attending the races. The picture below from L-R is Paul, Herman and then my wonderful wife Jamie.

We got back to the house around 6PM. We logged 316 miles and had a great day. I do have to say that if my only option for riding is the superslab I would pass. The interstate sucks.. But the day was a good one. Can’t wait until March and the races in Cressen.

Here are some video taken from the day. This was shot on my hand held digital camera so quality is what it is.. Sorry.

Lunch at the Shed!

What a beautiful day! The weather was fabulous and the ride even better. We had a late Saturday night, but Jamie and I jumped out of bed and was ready to roll Sunday morning. We met Rob at the Race Trac. We beat him to the spot for the first time in ages. Could have been I told Jamie we needed to be there at 8:30am but Rob and I knew we had to be there at 8:45am so we were all on time.

We then headed on over to meet up with Jackie and Alta. The traffic was not to bad and we all showed up at the meeting spot around 9:30AM. We were happy that Alta could go with us. Today was her B-day and she had a busy day. We love her and we are so happy to call her friend.

We took all of the back roads and just enjoyed the beautiful day. We stopped one time around 25 miles from Edom. We really had a great time. I miss being on the bike.

The Shed has always been a favorite place of ours. There were a few bikes there when we rode up but many more by the time we started to the house. We love the country feel and the food was very good. I had a burger and Jamie had the Chicken Fried steak. We finished up with some pie. It was a nice meal. We also ran into some of our friends that ride a Harley. They joined us for lunch. We also ran into them on the way home, that was a nice surprise as they are great people.

Jamie was looking over there bike, trying to find out out to make the trophy this comfy and roomy. We logged 280 miles for the day. It was sunny, and the roads were good. We love our friends and it was a nice way to kick off the riding season. Until Next time. See all of the pictures here.