Coffee & Conversation – A Pillions Perspective

Thank you for joining us for our 2nd episode of Coffee & Conversation. This episode is featuring Jamie. I am going to ask a few questions about her being a pillion and hopefully you all enjoy the conversation. Let us know your thoughts. We mention a link about the pictures from the C-10 crash. If you want to see the pictures go here:…

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Years! 2020 is going to be amazing!

Coffee & Conversation – 2019 Motorcycle Highlights.

It is hard to believe that we are on the tail end of 2019. With end of the year coming Jamie & I decided to look back at our 2019 motorcycle highlights. Join us for our 1st episode of Coffee & Conversation to see what were our highlights.

What has been your motorcycle highlight from 2019? comment below.

If you have a topic you would like for Jamie & I to cover in our next Coffee & Conversation please feel free to comment.

My Favorite YouTube Channels

I am sure that a few of you spend some time watching YouTube to experience life from some another’s perspective. I love logging in and watching motorcycle videos from riders from all across the globe.

This blog post will feature the YouTube Channels that I watch the most, that I can’t wait for them to post a new adventure. Some of these channels inspired me to start our channel. So if you have a few minutes to spare and you want to check out some cool sites, go check out these. I think you will be glad that you did. Enjoy…

Richy Vida

This guy is one the one that made me want to go out and start a YouTube channel. He tells a great story, has some amazing images and seems to enjoy the world of being a motorcycle enthusiast to its fullest. He has a great crew that he rides with and they all seem to have fun together. It reminds me of the group that I ride with and I think that this is why the channels appeals so much to me.

He rides a VFR and after you watch a few videos you will have no doubt that he loves that machine. Richy always expresses such gratitude in his videos and seems to love the ride. He has some great videos, but if you want a place to start go check out his USA tour series. I also really enjoy his other road trips. Check out the Croatia tour.

He puts on the Wildbad Weekender. A weekend of motorcycle camping, good friends and music. Richy is a talented guy and also shows off his musical talent in some of the videos. I would love to be able to set up a weekend event like this in the near future. We do the Ozark Escape, but would love to do a full blown camping event.

So don’t delay. Go check out his channel and tell me what you think. He does a great job editing video and his drone shots and photography are top notch! Go check it out!

YouTube Channel:
Website: Wildbad Touring


I stumbled across this channel when I saw that a guy (Bruce) decided to tour the world on his GSX-R1000. Bruce is entertaining and real. He is a Law Enforcement Officer (motorcycle division) in the UK so he has a great perspective on things. He tells a great story and does a wonderful job with his videos.

He seems to have a good time and you can tell by watching the videos and listening to him, that riding a motorcycle is his passion. He has a motto of #liveyourlife not a bad way to go about ones day in my humble opinion. Go check out his channel.


The Missenden Flyer

Hey Kids – This site is a lot of fun to watch. He does everything from Ride reviews, monthly Bike news updates and he loves aviation. This is a little different than most sites I watch, as I really like ride report type videos. He does a few of these but the highlight for me is the ride reviews and the monthly updates. He does a garage series which I always find entertaining.

Go check out his site and give me some feedback. What do you think?


2 Wheeled Rider

I bet you were thinking… why does he only watch channels from across the pond? It may seem like that but I do like some channels from here in the great USA. Mario has a great channel, he does all sorts of videos and now his boy is involved in motorcycle racing, its amazing he can balance his schedule as well as he does. He has some great tour videos and he edits well and makes you feel like you are part of the ride. On a side note, his wife rides with him and she collects Starbucks mugs. She has a ton of them. I did not know that was even a thing until I started watching his channel. Go check it out! Tell me your thoughts.

YouTube Channel:

Forty Times Around

Tim is doing something I wish I had the guts to have done at his age. Just sell everything and hit the road and hope it all works out. He goes to some great locations and has some great videos showing the countryside. He does reviews and just has a great channel to get lost on for awhile.

He is currently cruising around the US hitting National Parks and just living the dream. I always look forward to his updates. The big plus for me is he camps … alot. Go check out his channel and let me know what you think.


Itchy Boots

This site has gotten most of my attention as of late. This adventurous women is so fun to watch and follow. She loves a true adventure and her videos take you along for the ride. She has done many adventures and has more courage than I do as I don’t know if I could do the trips that she has done. Noraly also quit her job and hit the dirt roads for adventure riding. She even makes the Royal Enfield Himalayan look like a dream bike. She makes great videos, is very entertaining and a must see. Go check it out!


MotoAdrenaline Tours

I would be remiss if I did not promote my site. I have a fewer (Just a few) less subscribers but we are growing! Go over and check it out!


So check out these sites and do me a favor. Shoot me a comment on Channels that you watch and feel I would enjoy. Let’s share our favorites! Tell me your thoughts and until next time!

Ride Safe

My Bucket List – Top 5

I know that all motorcycle enthusiasts lie awake at night dreaming of motorcycles. Wondering… if money were no object, if you had unlimited space in your garage and your loved ones “wanted” you to have multiple machines….

OK, OK, maybe I am the only one that does this at night. I was thinking if I had to choose one bike to own in the following categories, what would I own?
I might miss a category you would think of, so let me know if you would have a different thought and what machine would fill that spot for you. Here are my TOP 5 – Bucket List Machines. In no particular order.

Best Non – Adventure Style Touring Machine.

The Honda Gold Wing. Yes I know I am not old enough to own one yet (It’s joke folks), but I do love the new styling and the machine is rock solid. There may be a day in the not so distant future that Jamie and I could be aboard one of these luxury Open Road Machines.
Runner up: BMW K1600 GT

Best Adventure Style Touring Machine.

The BMW GS 1250 HP. Many of you will be surprised by my answer, but if money were no object I would defiantly be riding this machine. I love the look and the motor is incredible. I would probably not ever get the off road use out of it, but I am sure it could eat up the miles, be fun in the twisty stuff and be a very capable 2 up steed.
Runner Up: Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE LT

Best Pure Sport Touring Machine

Hands down, The KTM 1290 Super Duke GT. This machine is pure motorcycle porn. Everything…. the look, the motor the colors all scream SEXY! If I could only have one machine off of this list. It would be the Super Duke GT.
Runner up: Kawasaki Ninja 1000

Best Open Class Super Bike

The Aprillia RSV4 RF. I know I would never ever have the skills to ride this machine even close to the way it should be ridden, but I would look damn cool on it! haha. The sound of this machine and the way it looks is intoxicating. I would love to bond with this machine on many track days.
Runner up: Ducati Panigale V4 R

Best Retro Cafe Style Machine

The Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe Z. I love the look of a good cafe style machine. This would be a fantastic bike to carve up the back roads on.
Runner Up: BMW R nine T

So there you have it. My Bucket List Top 5. Tell me your thoughts. Do you think I am crazy? How would your top 5 be different? Shoot me a note.

You can tell the weather is gloomy as I need to get my motorcycle fix. This article will have to do until we can ride again. Until Then everyone… Ride Safe.

Social Media, Why do we do it?

Why do we spend hours uploading blog posts, writing ride reports, editing and posting videos, reading and posting on forums and other social media platforms? It must be the money…. yeah that’s it!

Let’s dispel the myth quickly! Yes folks I am not getting rich from any of these sites. In fact I have made Zero $$$ from any of my social media sites. The biggest reason for this is…. I DON”T ASK for any money for any of the media sites that I manage. Including my Motoadrenalinetours site.

I got some feedback from someone on a DM from Facebook saying I was just using rides and doing reports to promote our Motoadrenalinetours business. First of all, the definition of business is;

Business is the activity of making one’s living or making money by producing or buying and selling products (such as goods and services). Simply put, it is “any activity or enterprise entered into for profit.

I have never asked for any money from anyone that has ever ridden with us or have used routes or any of my trip planning tools. There are no prices on any of the sites including

Then why do it? – The reason why is easy!

I am passionate about motorcycles. I like spending my time doing motorcycle related things. I love riding and sharing that experience with as many people as possible. We started our blog back in 2004. We have shared many great adventures with our riding friends. The rides are documented, the stories told and there are thousands and thousands of pictures to share. Many with great scenery, beautiful machines and my favorites.. those with riding friends with BIG smiles on there face. That is why I do it!

The internet has made it possible for our hobby to reach so many people with different backgrounds and geographical locations. When Jamie and I moved to Dallas, we came across a site named Two Wheeled Texans. We met so many great people through this site and we still utilize it to this day. We have friends that we have ridden with for over 15 years because of this cool thing called the internet. If our blog reaches just one new rider and they become excited and takes part in our wonderful hobby, I will be happy!

Our Sites – Getting the word out!

We have many outlets that we share our Motorcycle thoughts. Here is a quick breakdown;

Facebook: We have our personal sites, we belong to a number of groups (who’s entire reason for being.. is to promote that said activity) that we are very active in. I write posts, do videos and just talk to the motorcycle community. The object of Facebook is to get groups of like minded people talking, sharing ideas and creating a community. We try and do this. Any social media site will fade away and become forgotten if there is not steady traffic and a flow of ideas. So posting to sites it the life blood of making a group successful. That is why we do it. To promote this awesome hobby of motorcycling!

Instagram: Its all about the pictures! I get numerous comments from our Instagram sites stating that our rides always look like fun. That the people we are riding with are truly enjoying themselves. Folks that is the idea! Motorcycles are fun and promoting our hobby through these sites is a great thing!

Forums: I love reading and posting in a numerous amount of forums online. The exchange of ideas and the two way dialog just adds another enjoyable piece to this awesome hobby. I love the fact that no matter what you post or question you ask.. someone out there on the interweb has a thought or has experienced a scenario that could be like yours. Maybe I am the only one, but I get caught up in reading Ride reports for hours at a time. Sites like the following;
Two Wheeled Texans
Adventure Rider
These sites offer a number of incredible ride reports, that after I read them makes me want to go and ride! People spend a lot of time and energy posting these ride reports and for that I am very thankful. What are some of your favorite sites for reading about other peoples adventures and journeys? Leave a note in the comments.

Youtube: I have just started this site in 2019 and I really like making videos and telling a story about our rides. All 70 of my subscribers seem to enjoy them as well. haha

Again I am not doing it to get rich. I want to enjoy my hobby to its fullest and posting ride reports, videos and writing magazine articles adds to this great hobby for me.

In conclusion – Haters goin to Hate!

So I will not apologize for promoting the happiness and joy of being a motorcycle enthusiast. I will continue to write Ride reports, Post Videos, Writing articles for great magazines like StarReview and Kawasaki ROK and promoting motorcycling ever chance I get.

I do have some advice for the 1% who do not like it or feel I am promoting myself or my sites. This cool invention called the internet uses browsers to view content and believe it or not you can use your mouse and scroll right past any content you feel like not viewing! Its easy and simple.

Sorry for the Rant everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the cooler weather and that you have gotten a chance to ride before it gets too cold!

Ride safe my friends!

Rule #1 – Ride your own Ride!

You are in control of your machine and your ride. Riding in a group is fun and exciting. Don’t let it obscure your own common sense and judgment.

It has happened to all of us. You are out riding with a group of friends, the road becomes twisty and the leader takes off. You get into a groove. Shifting around on your seat, setting the line, shooting out of the corner, this is one of the reasons you love riding a motorcycle. Then it happens… you realize that you are entering the right hand corner way to fast. You heart starts to race, this is not going to end well. That is all you can think about.

Miraculously you make it through the corner, you have not crashed the bike and your heart rate eventually starts to slow. A number of factors might have come into play in keeping you safe. maybe your skill level kicked in, maybe it was not your day to slam your bike into the ground, or maybe it was pure luck. You may never know, but one thing is obvious. You got caught up with the group. Riding harder and faster than your skill level would allow. It has happened to all of us. The bad news is that not all of these stories end like the one I just described. It could have ended much worse, it could have been life changing.

Unfortunately for Jamie and I, it did not end as outlined above. I low sided the bike and when the world stopped spinning, I was fine, the bike was totaled and my beautiful Pillion was being lifted into an ambulance with a broken scapula and some fractured ribs along with a number of deep bruises. It was the worst day of my motorcycle life.

Looking back at the accident, the only reason this happened was the lack of my ability to control the urge to try and ride someone else’s ride, instead of my own. It was not the fault of the very skilled rider I was trying to follow. It was not Jamie’s fault, it was 100% mine. From that day forward I have tried to follow the one rule that can save your life That rule is

Ride you own Ride

Here are a few tips that might help you avoid the scenario pictured above. These are not all inclusive, I am sure there are a number of things that I will miss, or you may not agree with. These are just some things I have observed through the years of riding within a group.

Understand & Respect your talent levelLeave your EGO at home.
Even if you don’t want to admit it. There is always someone faster, more talented and with a better understanding of Survival Reactions (Thanks Keith Code) than you. My accident above was caused by my L.O.T.
Yes folks that was caused by my Lack Of Talent. Be honest with yourself concerning your riding skills and you will live to ride for many more years to come.

Speed Kills
Most single rider accidents occur because the rider enters a corner “too hot” and then the L.O.T. kicks in and BAM it happens. The road is not a race track, you are not a MOTO GP racer and believe it or not, there are times, when gravel, animals, cars and other things that you can’t control enter your path. If you have your speed under control, these factors are easier to avoid and your day will end with a smile. Riding a motorcycle has its risks. Controlling things like speed can lower those risks.

Common Sense – Listen to it!
We all have it, some people use it more than others. Common sense is a riding skill that is needed for you to have a long and enjoyable riding life. How many times are you following someone and they get tired of following the same slow car for the past mile, so they take a chance and pass them on a double yellow line. Yes they can see through it and no they did not put themselves in harms way, however if you try to follow, those same factors may change. Use common sense and Ride your own Ride!

The group has been riding for over an hour and you need a break. You are starting to feel tired or need to stretch, but the group is not stopping. Do you go with the group, or do you try and get their attention, letting them know you need to stop? Use Common sense and Ride your own Ride!

Your group pulls into a parking lot and you do not feel comfortable parking on a downward slope or in the gravel. Should you just park and take your chances. Maybe you won’t drop the bike, maybe you will. Why chance it? Use Common Sense and Ride your own Ride!

You get the point. You are in control of your machine and your ride.

I am sure that even after riding for a number of years and writing these kinds of articles, I will still get caught up and not Ride my own Ride! Hopefully it will work out for the best, but if it does not, I will own it. We are all human and we will make mistakes from time to time. So when I take off with a group. I always remind myself to Ride my own Ride! It has become a habit and so far it has worked!

Until next time everyone, enjoy the cooler temps, the changing colors and the wonderful sights and sounds that escorts in the end of the riding season.

Ride Safe!

Motorcycle Gratitude

How cool is it that we can experience this thing called motorcycle riding?

As Jamie and I were riding along the rolling hills of SW Missouri heading into Oklahoma on Sunday, I felt a special sense of calmness surround us. The weather had a little crispness in the air, the sun was shining and there was not a cloud in the sky. How fortunate for us, that we could be in this moment, at this very time. As the saying goes “life is good”.

While we were enjoying the ride, I started to think about how grateful I was that we could enjoy this great hobby. Being a motorcycle enthusiast is a privilege and I was so very thankful, that I was getting to share this special moment with my beautiful pillion. I think that we take the act of riding a motorcycle and enjoying the world with the air in our face for granted.

So with that thought on my mind, I decided that I would write a blog post outlining the top 5 things I am most grateful for in the terms of riding a motorcycle and what that means to my life. I am sure you may have different thoughts. Leave a comment if you think I missed a big one.
There are no right or wrong answers here.

These are my top 5.

1 – The Freedom
It is hard to explain to someone who does not ride. The act of throwing a leg over your bike, starting the motor and feeling the rumble. Riding out on a winding road, not another vehicle in sight. Just you and your machine. You feel the stress of the day leaving your body. Not a care in the world. This is the time to relax, recharge and enjoy the freedom that is motorcycle riding. I am thankful that riding my bike allows me a time to enjoy true freedom.

2 – The Friendships, Old & New
One of the best things that we love about riding is the friends we meet along the journey. We have made so many friends, that if we had not been riding motorcycles, our paths might have never crossed. That is so cool! You have different economic, demographic and cultural backgrounds all blending together, with one common denominator and that is being a motorcycle enthusiast. We have friends that we met over 20 years ago that we still talk to and ride with. I would challenge you on how many non motorcycle friends that you have, that have played a role in your life for that long. There is a special bond among riders and for this I am truly grateful.

3 –The Stories
Over the past 35+ years of riding a motorcycle I have collected a number of stories that still make me laugh or cry. Jamie and I have so many fantastic stories of great rides, harsh weather, some get offs and just chill’in by a fire after a long day of riding. Motorcycle journeys lend themselves to great stories. I am thankful that we have shared so many great stories with friends over the years. We also look forward to experiencing more in the near future.

4- Technology
I remember a time when I thought things like a GPS, heated gear, ABS, cruise control and heated grips were for riders that did not want to experience the complete ride! I am admitting now, that I was a complete and utter fool for having those thoughts. Technology has brought our level of riding enjoyment up 100 fold. Going into a corner a little hot?…. no worries… the cornering ABS and the riding controls will help you out of the situation that 20 years ago would have thrown you to the ground. The weather starts to get cold, turn on the heated grips and keep going. Looking for that gas station in the middle of no where. The GPS comes to the rescue! Motorcycle technology is one of the most exciting things happening in our hobby and for that I am so Thankful!

5- Personal Health
Jamie and I have been blessed with pretty decent health and have not had to take any long breaks from riding. We have been very fortunate that we can get on the bike, take a long or short trip and do not have to worry health wise if we are making the correct choice. We are so thankful for that.

We have had some friends that have had to stop riding, due to some health reasons. Life goes on and they are very happy in the new chapter of their life. I personally have been riding since I turned 14. It is in my blood and I would have a tough adjustment period if it were taken away from me. So I am very thankful for all of the days that I get to experience all that is mentioned above and more.

So the next time you go for a ride. Take a moment to reflect. How cool is it that we can experience this thing called motorcycle riding? I for one will never take it for granted! Until next time everyone,

Ride safe