Photo Collage – Big Bend 2008

My first time visiting this beautiful part of Texas. I will always remember this trip as my brother was along for the ride.

This was a great ride. We headed down to attend the SportTouring .NET rally and too meet some new Two Wheeled Texans. This trip started off windy. We wanted to camp but way to blustery for that. You can read the ride report here:

I posted the April link so you can just scroll down to see all of the days of the trip.

See all of the pictures here:

Photo Collage – Mena Arkansas 2006

This trip kinda started it all for us. It was a cold, miserable and probably the most memorable trip we have ever done.

Disclaimer; This ride actually occured in June 2006.

This trip was so much fun. It happened back in 2007 and believe it or not we still get comments about how much fun the ride was. It started off with us riding off into the morning only to be greeted by some of the worst rain I have ever ridden in. It was unforgiving, and just slammed down for hours.

We finally made it to Queen Wilhelmina State Park, however we still got to set up our tents in a torrential rainfall. We had such a cool group of riders and before the weekend was over we laughed, joked and had so much fun.

This is one trip I will never forget. You can see the blog post here:

All of the pictures are located here:

Super Bowl Sunday Ride

Video Title: What’s better than a Sunday Ride?

It was a beautiful day in NW Arkansas this past Sunday. We met up with some friends from the local MSTA group and rode down to Jasper Arkansas and the Famous Ozark Cafe. For those of you that have not ridden in this area, you are truly missing out. Great roads with some cool local places to visit. We had a great day of riding.

It seems that we have finally figured out the audio situation and it does so much better than the standard GoPro mic, I did notice a few more things to fix before the next video. They are listed in no particular order.

1- Placement on top of the helmet is great, except I had the camera facing too low. Did not get much of the horizon.

2- The camera mounted to the front of the helmet works great, however it does get a lot of the tinted windscreen. Thoughts? Is this horrible? Let me know.

3- Really wish I could get an audio solution that would allow for everyone to hear Jamie and I and our conversations. I am hoping that I can find a good solution

4- Do we need to get a camera for Jamie and her helmet? We will try some views from her helmet on the next ride.

Any tips or thoughts about the channel? Please let us know in the comments.

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Dango Gripper Mount:

Giant Squid Audio Mic:

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Winter Escape

Just another YouTube video from JERRY&JAMIE2UP

Video Title: Winter Escape – Testing the New Hero GoPro 7

Jamie and I got out on the bike for the first time in a few weeks. The weather was fantastic and we had the chance to try out the new Hero Black 7 GoPro and to work on getting more experience with this video thing.

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