1st Ride of 2019

What a beautiful day to play around with the GoPro Hero Black 7. Lot’s of mistakes.

The weather was AMAZING today! Hard to believe that we are in January and we still have days with temps in the 60’s. I wanted to get out and ride and I also wanted to test the new GoPro Hero 7 Black, that Santa brought to me over the holidays.

I set up the camera with mounts on my windscreen and the top of my Bell Helmet. I want to try and get different vantage points for the videos I want to post on YouTube. I started the day off great, except for the part where I did not tighten my chin strap. I guess I was so busy getting the camera ready, I forgot to do this very important step. I have to remind myself to continue my ride routines, even if we are doing a video. Safety has to come first and I will make sure not to do that again hopefully.

There were a number of mistakes today. The good news is they were all concerning the Hero Black 7. I put the camera at too low of an angle to start, Then I filmed in “Instagram mode” …. of course this was the best part of the ride as the roads were not busy and the curves were plentiful.

I followed that up by taking some horrible pictures with the GoPro as I left the brightness too high.

There was plenty of Good things to report today as well;

1- The weather was fantastic, There was little traffic and the roads were in great shape.
2- I made a number of videos and became more comfortable with the moto vlogging process
3- I learned some video editing and hopefully will get better each time I dive in and do more videos.

All in all it was a great day! You can see the video here on my YouTube Channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/lobo10s

Also you can check out what the video should have looked like in landscape mode. See that here: https://youtu.be/RVnarg7bAYM

Until next time everyone – Ride Safe!


Just what the World needs… another vlogger.

Christmas was kind to me and I am now an owner of a Hero Black 7 GoPro, hope I don’t suck to bad.

It is Christmas day and I am so excited! Jamie gave me to green light to order the new Hero Black 7 GoPro. The features look amazing! The key features that peaked my interest were; Voice control, Rugged, Super Photo and the most exciting Hyper Smooth.

Gimbal-like stabilization–without the gimbal.

So I have decided to add a YouTube page to the blog. When I post my first video, I will send the link so that you all can subscribe and stay up to date with the blog. I am sure the first video will need some work so I will be asking for your thoughts. The camera should be in my hands on Dec 27th. I ordered the Hero Black 7 along with a small hand / tripod, a wrist lanyard and a microphone adapter. I will be ordering an external mic as soon as I do more research.

I have been overloading on YouTube videos with tips on how to make good videos and the tips of having a decent channel. I really want to make this a fun endeavor for both you all and for myself. I plan on doing all sorts of videos so I hope that you all stay tuned.

Jamie and I hope that you all had a great Christmas. Until next time, Ride Safe!