International Motorcycle Show – Dallas 2020

A great weekend with Family & Friends. The show was a little disappointing as all of the European Manufacturers decided not to attend the show. BMW, Triumph and Ducati were all absent from the event.

Jamie and I headed for Dallas late Thursday after I got off of work. We rolled into town and checked into our hotel. Friday was a good day for catching up with friends and enjoying some down time.

I stopped by all the motorcycle shops and made sure that I went into Plano Kawasaki Suzuki. I spent some time with Jason and AJ but could not leave without buying my new helmet. I have been looking for the HJC RPHA 70ST Balius in the black & White paint scheme. AJ and team had it so I had to bring it home with me. I will do a review on the helmet in a few weeks.

We had a fantastic evening with the kids, celbrating Christmas and just spending some time with them. We missed having Alec there to take part. We will need to find some time to visit sunny California in the near future.

Saturday we planned to get up and meet the LoneStar Riders gang at Poor Richards in Plano. It was a great morning 25 people attended the breakfast. We enjoyed a good breakfast and some awesome conversation.

We loaded up and hit the DART to ride downtown to the International Motorcycle Show for this years event. There was a large crowd, but it was not bad at all getting around the show.

The show was very good. The big Japanese manufactures showed up in force along with Harley Davidson, KTM, Royal Enfield and Indian. The absence of the Euro teams in BMW, Triumph and Ducati was disappointing, but not a total game changer. We attend the show more for a social aspect than for looking at new bikes. Most of us see the new machines and read about them months before these shows. You have to love the Internet!

We spent 4-5 hours at the show, chatting with old friends, making a few new ones and just soaking up the motorcycle vibes. Speaking of meeting new people. We had our first “we watch you on YouTube” exchange and it was AWESOME. A couple from Baton Rouge spoke with Jamie and I and it was cool meeting them and knowing that someone watches the videos. I am not mentioning their name as I did not get approval from them. Being a rookie YouTuber I should have had them on camera if they had agreed to it. I will do better at this stuff in the future.

We finished the day by relaxing in the afternoon, then meeting a few of our friends for Dinner and drinks. It was an amazing weekend. I wanted to thank Becky & Jeff for adjusting their busy schedules to attend and spend some time with us. I don’t want to forget Rob, David, Adan and Bob for all of your support and thanks for coming down for breakfast. The riding season is right around the corner and I can’t wait! Let’s Ride!


1 year ago today we posted our first video. Today we celebrate our 100th subscriber! We are so flattered and so excited that people are actually watching our videos. We have posted 41 videos in the past 12 months. Some are decent and some are… well lets just say not so good 😦 We are getting better and will keep trying to improve our content.

Thank you to all of you that have watched our channel. Stay tuned as 2020 will be exciting. Let’s do this!


We have had some requests from subscribers wanting to know how we capture our content. here is a quick look.

Another Christmas has past and we are fast approaching the New Years!
Unfortunately Jamie has caught a cold so this weeks Coffee & Conversation is just me for the week. I have been asked what we use to make our videos so I did a quick equipment check.

Hope you all enjoy this.

Ideas for another coffee & Conversation? Shoot us a note.

Next week we are heading to the International Motorcycle Show in Dallas. We will get to catch up with friends and enjoy the show. We might hit 100 subscribers this week! How exciting! Thank you to all of you that already support the channel. Talk with you soon.

Christmas Eve Ride

65 degrees on Dec 24th? What does that mean? It means Let’s Ride!

It is not often that we get to ride in such great weather here in Northwest Arkansas this this time of year. So when the opportunity arose we jumped on it. We took te back way out of the house and was on some good twisty roads in no time.

We are always amazed that we now live in such close proximity of all of these wonderful roads. We enjoyed a wonderful hour of riding before heading home for our Christmas Eve meal. We hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy the time with family and friends.

Coffee & Conversation – A Pillions Perspective

Thank you for joining us for our 2nd episode of Coffee & Conversation. This episode is featuring Jamie. I am going to ask a few questions about her being a pillion and hopefully you all enjoy the conversation. Let us know your thoughts. We mention a link about the pictures from the C-10 crash. If you want to see the pictures go here:…

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Years! 2020 is going to be amazing!

Coffee & Conversation – 2019 Motorcycle Highlights.

It is hard to believe that we are on the tail end of 2019. With end of the year coming Jamie & I decided to look back at our 2019 motorcycle highlights. Join us for our 1st episode of Coffee & Conversation to see what were our highlights.

What has been your motorcycle highlight from 2019? comment below.

If you have a topic you would like for Jamie & I to cover in our next Coffee & Conversation please feel free to comment.

My Favorite YouTube Channels

I am sure that a few of you spend some time watching YouTube to experience life from some another’s perspective. I love logging in and watching motorcycle videos from riders from all across the globe.

This blog post will feature the YouTube Channels that I watch the most, that I can’t wait for them to post a new adventure. Some of these channels inspired me to start our channel. So if you have a few minutes to spare and you want to check out some cool sites, go check out these. I think you will be glad that you did. Enjoy…

Richy Vida

This guy is one the one that made me want to go out and start a YouTube channel. He tells a great story, has some amazing images and seems to enjoy the world of being a motorcycle enthusiast to its fullest. He has a great crew that he rides with and they all seem to have fun together. It reminds me of the group that I ride with and I think that this is why the channels appeals so much to me.

He rides a VFR and after you watch a few videos you will have no doubt that he loves that machine. Richy always expresses such gratitude in his videos and seems to love the ride. He has some great videos, but if you want a place to start go check out his USA tour series. I also really enjoy his other road trips. Check out the Croatia tour.

He puts on the Wildbad Weekender. A weekend of motorcycle camping, good friends and music. Richy is a talented guy and also shows off his musical talent in some of the videos. I would love to be able to set up a weekend event like this in the near future. We do the Ozark Escape, but would love to do a full blown camping event.

So don’t delay. Go check out his channel and tell me what you think. He does a great job editing video and his drone shots and photography are top notch! Go check it out!

YouTube Channel:
Website: Wildbad Touring


I stumbled across this channel when I saw that a guy (Bruce) decided to tour the world on his GSX-R1000. Bruce is entertaining and real. He is a Law Enforcement Officer (motorcycle division) in the UK so he has a great perspective on things. He tells a great story and does a wonderful job with his videos.

He seems to have a good time and you can tell by watching the videos and listening to him, that riding a motorcycle is his passion. He has a motto of #liveyourlife not a bad way to go about ones day in my humble opinion. Go check out his channel.


The Missenden Flyer

Hey Kids – This site is a lot of fun to watch. He does everything from Ride reviews, monthly Bike news updates and he loves aviation. This is a little different than most sites I watch, as I really like ride report type videos. He does a few of these but the highlight for me is the ride reviews and the monthly updates. He does a garage series which I always find entertaining.

Go check out his site and give me some feedback. What do you think?


2 Wheeled Rider

I bet you were thinking… why does he only watch channels from across the pond? It may seem like that but I do like some channels from here in the great USA. Mario has a great channel, he does all sorts of videos and now his boy is involved in motorcycle racing, its amazing he can balance his schedule as well as he does. He has some great tour videos and he edits well and makes you feel like you are part of the ride. On a side note, his wife rides with him and she collects Starbucks mugs. She has a ton of them. I did not know that was even a thing until I started watching his channel. Go check it out! Tell me your thoughts.

YouTube Channel:

Forty Times Around

Tim is doing something I wish I had the guts to have done at his age. Just sell everything and hit the road and hope it all works out. He goes to some great locations and has some great videos showing the countryside. He does reviews and just has a great channel to get lost on for awhile.

He is currently cruising around the US hitting National Parks and just living the dream. I always look forward to his updates. The big plus for me is he camps … alot. Go check out his channel and let me know what you think.


Itchy Boots

This site has gotten most of my attention as of late. This adventurous women is so fun to watch and follow. She loves a true adventure and her videos take you along for the ride. She has done many adventures and has more courage than I do as I don’t know if I could do the trips that she has done. Noraly also quit her job and hit the dirt roads for adventure riding. She even makes the Royal Enfield Himalayan look like a dream bike. She makes great videos, is very entertaining and a must see. Go check it out!


MotoAdrenaline Tours

I would be remiss if I did not promote my site. I have a fewer (Just a few) less subscribers but we are growing! Go over and check it out!


So check out these sites and do me a favor. Shoot me a comment on Channels that you watch and feel I would enjoy. Let’s share our favorites! Tell me your thoughts and until next time!

Ride Safe