Big Money Rally 2020

I have taken the plunge and will be taking part in the BMR 2020. Stay tuned! Thanks Richard swim for getting me involved!

When Jamie and I were in Dallas we ran into long time friend Richard Swim. He does a lot of long distance riding, but he has also been doing these rallies that you do at your own pace. They have always intrigued me. He has a great blog and you can read about his BMR from last year. Go check it out! Well now I am involved. I am not into the Iron Butt thing, but I love the idea of riding someplace that I would probably never ride too. These rallies promote that sort of riding. Jamie and I are going to give it a shot.

I signed up at Big Money Rally 2020 and downloaded the Bonus list. it can be overwhelming at first, but a few phone calls to Richard and I was all squared away. It takes some planning and my goal for this year is to be a finisher. That requires that Jamie and I get 144 points. Not as easy as it might seem.

Above is a list of the themes for this years boni. (This is a term for bonus) The cool thing about this is the AP that you submit your entries with. You log into the AP, take your picture, it places all of the day, time and identifiers needed. You hit submit and BAM that is it! It get scored and posted on the event site. This is done in ‘Real Time” or very close. It is awesome! You can see if you have been awarded points and then you can move along. This way avoiding the dreaded “did not qualify” tag. The website is very cool and you all should check it out. Even if this is not your thing, there are a number of people that have put in some serious work.

We have done anything like this before, so I am sure we are doing some leg work that is not needed. I would love to have a GPS file with all of the waypoints for the themes, but I guess that is part of the planning for a ride. I have sat down and will map out a few rides that we will take on for an entire day or maybe even a weekend. The goal is to get as many points possible while being efficient with your miles ridden.

Stay tuned, as I will be reporting on these rides and how many points I was able to collect. Below you can see my first entry. The selfie and what my placard looks like. Until next time everyone, Ride safe!

MSTA – STAR REVIEW Colorado Dreamin'

Jan – Feb – March issue 2020

The new issue of the STAR Review is out and we are so honored to be featured in the latest issue. Last Summer Jamie and I went with a group of friends and explored the great state of Colorado. It was a fantastic trip, with great weather and wonderful roads. You can see the video recap from that trip here on our website.

I wanted to post the written article here on our blog and you can download the entire magazine by clicking on this link: Read the STAR Review.

Coffee & Conversation – Episode 4

Thank you for joining Jamie and I for another Coffee & Conversation. In this weeks episode we thank you all for our 100th subscriber, we discuss the IMS Show in Dallas and give a huge shout out to all of our moto friends that made us feel so special. We love our friends in Big D. I mentioned a few links in the video, so please look below and check them out:

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Sign up for the Ozark Great Escape:

We hope you liked the videos. If you have any questions, feedback or comments please contact us.

International Motorcycle Show – Dallas 2020

A great weekend with Family & Friends. The show was a little disappointing as all of the European Manufacturers decided not to attend the show. BMW, Triumph and Ducati were all absent from the event.

Jamie and I headed for Dallas late Thursday after I got off of work. We rolled into town and checked into our hotel. Friday was a good day for catching up with friends and enjoying some down time.

I stopped by all the motorcycle shops and made sure that I went into Plano Kawasaki Suzuki. I spent some time with Jason and AJ but could not leave without buying my new helmet. I have been looking for the HJC RPHA 70ST Balius in the black & White paint scheme. AJ and team had it so I had to bring it home with me. I will do a review on the helmet in a few weeks.

We had a fantastic evening with the kids, celbrating Christmas and just spending some time with them. We missed having Alec there to take part. We will need to find some time to visit sunny California in the near future.

Saturday we planned to get up and meet the LoneStar Riders gang at Poor Richards in Plano. It was a great morning 25 people attended the breakfast. We enjoyed a good breakfast and some awesome conversation.

We loaded up and hit the DART to ride downtown to the International Motorcycle Show for this years event. There was a large crowd, but it was not bad at all getting around the show.

The show was very good. The big Japanese manufactures showed up in force along with Harley Davidson, KTM, Royal Enfield and Indian. The absence of the Euro teams in BMW, Triumph and Ducati was disappointing, but not a total game changer. We attend the show more for a social aspect than for looking at new bikes. Most of us see the new machines and read about them months before these shows. You have to love the Internet!

We spent 4-5 hours at the show, chatting with old friends, making a few new ones and just soaking up the motorcycle vibes. Speaking of meeting new people. We had our first “we watch you on YouTube” exchange and it was AWESOME. A couple from Baton Rouge spoke with Jamie and I and it was cool meeting them and knowing that someone watches the videos. I am not mentioning their name as I did not get approval from them. Being a rookie YouTuber I should have had them on camera if they had agreed to it. I will do better at this stuff in the future.

We finished the day by relaxing in the afternoon, then meeting a few of our friends for Dinner and drinks. It was an amazing weekend. I wanted to thank Becky & Jeff for adjusting their busy schedules to attend and spend some time with us. I don’t want to forget Rob, David, Adan and Bob for all of your support and thanks for coming down for breakfast. The riding season is right around the corner and I can’t wait! Let’s Ride!


1 year ago today we posted our first video. Today we celebrate our 100th subscriber! We are so flattered and so excited that people are actually watching our videos. We have posted 41 videos in the past 12 months. Some are decent and some are… well lets just say not so good 😦 We are getting better and will keep trying to improve our content.

Thank you to all of you that have watched our channel. Stay tuned as 2020 will be exciting. Let’s do this!


We have had some requests from subscribers wanting to know how we capture our content. here is a quick look.

Another Christmas has past and we are fast approaching the New Years!
Unfortunately Jamie has caught a cold so this weeks Coffee & Conversation is just me for the week. I have been asked what we use to make our videos so I did a quick equipment check.

Hope you all enjoy this.

Ideas for another coffee & Conversation? Shoot us a note.

Next week we are heading to the International Motorcycle Show in Dallas. We will get to catch up with friends and enjoy the show. We might hit 100 subscribers this week! How exciting! Thank you to all of you that already support the channel. Talk with you soon.

Christmas Eve Ride

65 degrees on Dec 24th? What does that mean? It means Let’s Ride!

It is not often that we get to ride in such great weather here in Northwest Arkansas this this time of year. So when the opportunity arose we jumped on it. We took te back way out of the house and was on some good twisty roads in no time.

We are always amazed that we now live in such close proximity of all of these wonderful roads. We enjoyed a wonderful hour of riding before heading home for our Christmas Eve meal. We hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy the time with family and friends.