Ozark Escape – Event Information, Ride Ideas and More!

This event is right around the corner – 67 riders are signed up so far. This looks like a great way to kick off the 2021 riding season!

I think we are all excited about kicking off the riding season. The interest in this event has been off the charts and it looks like it will be the biggest and best Ozark Escape to date.

I have had many questions concerning the event, so I thought I would address those in this blog update.

First of all this is a “JUST FOR FUN EVENT”. Many of you have asked what that means. So here goes.

A JFF event is a FREE event, that brings like minded motorcycle enthusiast together to meet up with old friends, meet some new ones and most of all, enjoy the great roads of Arkansas and southern Missouri.

The event is not structured, there is no check in. If you are looking for a welcome package then you will be disappointed. This event is all about the ride! Here is a little breakdown of what structure we will have, but do not feel like you need to do any of this, That is what is so cool about JFF events.

Thursday April 15: Some riders will ride in on Thursday so that they can ride and explore the great roads on Friday & Saturday. I know many of you have already booked a room to arrive on Thursday.

Friday April 16: This is the first real day of the event. Some will ride in on this day, enjoying the great roads to this wonderful destination. Jamie and I will be starting this riding day from the house. We will rendezvous with riders at the Emory Melton Inn & Convention Center, eat some breakfast and then hit the road. We will be doing 204 wonderful, twisty miles, hitting some of the best roads in the area. I will lead a group, however for safety and enjoyable reasons, I will not lead a group of over 8 bikes. If more riders show up we will have to break up in groups. The routes are all here ready for download. I don’t think anyone rides to these types of roads to be lead around like a parade.

We will end the ride at the hotel in Eureka Springs. Since this is a JFF event, everyone can make up their own minds for dinner. Most of us will just order pizza and have it delivered to the hotel, but do not feel obligated to do that. There are many food options in Eureka Springs.

Saturday April 17: Today we will leave from the Hotel at 9:00am. The same limits will apply, as I am trying to keep the riding groups to 8 bikes or less. Everyone will be on their own for breakfast. We will stop in Jasper Arkansas and eat at the Ozark Cafe or the Blue Mountain Cafe and bakery. Remember the routes are available online, so anyone can lead a group. I know our good friend Doug Freeman will be leading a spirited group on Saturday as well. So reach out to Doug at the event if you want to join him. His ride group limits may differ from mine, so keep that in mind.

We will finish up after lunch with a nice ride through the Ozark countryside. We will make it back to the hotel mid afternoon. If you want to ride more or take different routs I will give you some ideas later in this article. Click on the images above to get the google Maps version of the routes. You can also click here to download the GPS files for the routes.

The good news is we have over 65 riders signed up for the event. the bad news is we have 65 riders in the event. With that being said, we will not all be able to go to dinner together on Saturday night. The world of COVID will make that impossible as most places could not accommodate that many people. In fact this large group would have been tough to get in one place even in the best of circumstances. So I am going to list a few places that will be close to the hotel.

Here are a few links to some of the best places to eat in Eureka Springs. The Top 10 according to Tripadvisor. You can also see more options here on EurekaSprings.org or on EurekaSprings.com

We will finish the evening, kicking tires, swapping stories and just enjoying the evening.

Sunday April 17: This is the day that we say our goodbyes and head back to the house. There are a few that will stay and enjoy more time on these wonderful roads. The rest of us will head home, with fond memories and looking forward to next years event.

More ozark escape information

Here are a few things to think about if you are attending the JFF event. I am sure I am missing something, so let me know if you want other information listed here. I will try and make that happen.

#1- The weather this time of year can be very unpredictable. One day it will be in the mid 60’s the next it will drop down to the low to mid 30’s so come prepared!

#2- The roads up here in Arkansas and Southern Missouri are amazing! Just remember that many are very challenging and the twists seem to never end. Remember to RIDE your own RIDE! We want everyone to go home healthy and happy!

#3- This time of year the roads tend to have some debris, be mindful of gravel, rocks or other items in the road. It has been a long winter and some of the roads may have some obstacles.

#4- if the group stops for gas.. get gas! Also remember to start off each ride with a full tank of fuel. Do it the night before or early the day of the ride. Don’t be that guy who holds up the group because they did not fill up prior to the ride.

This is a great article from Nick Ienatsch titled the Pace. Everyone should read it! I can’t stress it enough. We all need to Ride our own Ride!

Make sure to check out the Arkansas Motorcycle Guide. It has some great route information. There is also a great article on the best places to eat in Arkansas.

I can’t wait to see you all at the event. Jamie and I look forward to meeting you all. I will be taking plenty of pictures, flying the drone and shooting some video. I will also be writing an article for the MSTA magazine. I would love for you to share your images as well. Don’t forget to check out the Ozark Escape Facebook page.

So until April 16, stay safe and healthy and Ride Safe!

Can’t wait for the Big Lynn Lodge – An MSTA Riding Event.

I am booked and set to attend my 1st Big Lynn Lodge Riding Event.

Well it is official! I will be attending this years Big Lynn Lodge event. I was contemplating if I would attend the Red River Gorge Rally like I did last year, or try a new event. I love riding in the NC area, so I thought I would give it a try. Patrick’s Red River Gorge Event is a great one, however my vacation time is limited so hard choices need to be made.

I will be leaving from Arkansas on Wednesday evening after work. I should arrive Thursday afternoon. I will get to ride and attend events on Friday & Saturday before loading up and heading home on Sunday. I am looking forward to this event. I have attended a number of MSTA events and I am sure that I will not be disappointed!

If you would like to share a room, shoot me a note.

If you would like to attend the Big Lynn Rally, then click here to Register for the event.

Let’s Ride!

Devil’s Den State Park – First camping trip of 2021

What a great weekend. Well except for losing the drone.

Jamie and I kicked off the 2021 camping season with a BANG! We headed down to Devil’s Den State Park and met up with our good friend Rob. We enjoyed a relaxing weekend with some camping, cooking and a little jeep exploring. It was a successful kick off to the camping season.

We did have a little set back as I crashed my Mavic Mini and lost her in the creek. I did get to see the footage as the phone keeps a cached copy of the footage. Things happen, so it just gives us a chance to upgrade to the Mini2.

Stay tuned to see those videos.

Don’t wait for the “right” vehicle, the “right” equipment just go do it! Go Explore, you can thank us later!

Devil’s Den State Park https://www.arkansasstateparks.com/pa…

Softroading the West – Recommended the fridge and wow! It was a game changer! https://www.softroadingthewest.com/

You can still sign up for the event. You don’t want to miss out!

To sign up for the Ozark Escape Moto Adrenaline Tours: https://www.motoadrenalinetours.com:

Ozark Escape event: https://www.motoadrenalinetours.com/o…

Ozark Escape Merchandise: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/motoadre…

Eureka Springs – First Two Up ride of 2021

Great day for a ride and a Ozark Escape Update

Jamie and I got to ride some today! It was the first time in 2021 that we were both able to get on the bike together. We are so excited and looking forward to the Ozark Escape on April 16 – 18, 2021. It looks like the turn out is going to be amazing! Let’s just hope that the weather holds out and we get a great 3 days of sunshine and decent temps.


We had breakfast at the Eureka Springs coffee house this morning and the food was very good. Go check it out when you are here for the Ozark Escape. 

Eureka Springs Coffee House: https://eurekaspringscoffee.com

You can still sign up for the event. You don;t want to miss out!

To sign up for the Ozark Escape

Moto Adrenaline Tours: https://www.motoadrenalinetours.com:
Ozark Escape event: https://www.motoadrenalinetours.com/ozarkescape2021

Ozark Escape Merchandise: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/motoadrenalinetours/all

Chris Parker did a great job at designing the Ozark Escape logo. If you are looking for graphic design, make sure to check out Chris at Roadwolf Design. 

Chris Parker at Roadwolf Design: http://www.roadwolfdesign.com

Mario has a great youtube channel – Go check it out!

2 Wheeled rider: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtgldlutBfOzqlOKSnYX14w

Moto News

News from this weeks Cycle News – Some great news, Ducati V4s and Harley Pan American finally a reality!

First of all I get this great magazine free from Cycle News. You can as well, just follow this link and sign up. I am thinking of writing a quick response to each update. What do you think? Leave me a comment down below.


Well it looks like the Pan American is indeed a real motorcycle. Many of us had our doubts that we would ever see this long talked about machine. I think I saw the first hint of this at the Dallas Motorcycle show back in 2019.

According to the Pan American website the bike will be available in May of 2021. I have to admit, looking at the site I am intrigued and I want to see it up close. It seems to have all of the bells and whistles of todays adventure bikes and it is listed for a price that is comparable as well. I am not a huge fan of the looks of the machine, however if the Harley is everything advertised, it could make an impact in the adventure bike crowd. Only time will tell.

What do you think? Will you go test ride one? Let me know in the comments

After reading the article in the Cycle News and watching Zach’s video review of the V4s, it looks like Ducati has hit another homerrun! The V4s looks amazing and the numbers only back that up.

The Ducati is filled with tons of wiz bang gizmos, non more highly discussed than the Adaptive Cruise Control system. Personally I am not a proponent on cars, so I don’t know if I can be sold that it will be a huge benefit on a motorcycle. I could be wrong, but I will wait until I hear and see more about it in the real riding world.

The Bike looks amazing and from what Zach says, it goes like stink, stops on a dime and makes a good all around machine. He has rated it #1 on his Daily Rider scoreboard! That is very high praise. Check out Zach on Instagram. If money were no object, this machine would probably make it to my garage. I could see Jamie and I doing some spirited two up touring on the V4s. The bad news is, money still matters so I will sit back and read more about it, watch more videos and just sit back and dream Italian dreams.

What do you think of Adaptive cruise control on a two wheeled machine?
great news! buell is back!

10 new models by 2024! It looks like Buell could be back and ready to tackle the American market. It is always exciting to have an American made motorcycle and it sounds like they will be making sports machines along with touring and adventure bikes. I have always liked the look and sound of a Buell and the thought of an adventure bike sounds appealing! I will never forget back in 2008, we were at Deals Gap and we ran into a group of Buell riders. They were all so friendly and looked like they were having the time of their life. maybe this is one reason I like the thought of a Buell.

Fun times.. I wish I could remember his name. he was a lot of fun!
Have you ridden a Buell? What are your thoughts?

That wraps up this weeks Moto News. Do you like this idea? Should I continue to do it? I was thinking about doing a little video each month going over the 4 weeks of the Cycle News, something like The Missenden flyer does for the MCN in the UK.


Jamie and I took off in 7 degree weather to attend the show.

Jamie and I had a great time attending the MOORE EXPO.

Here is a quick video of us walking through the show.
Sorry for the white balance in the Subaru.What was your favorite rig at the show?

I got to chat a little with Brad from https://www.trailrecon.net
We did miss Revere Overland https://www.revereoverland.com and Matt from https://ozarkoverlandadventures.com

We enjoyed our time at the show. Wish it was a little warmer to have spent more time in the parking lot checking out all the cool rigs.

A Middleweight Resurgence

Is downsizing the wave of the future? Proof that less can be more!

I remember when I started my motorcycle journey. My dad signed me up for a motorcycle safety course and said that when I graduated he would give me his Honda 500cx Custom. At 16, all I could think about was the fact that I would have my own motorcycle and a 500cc bike to boot. Times sure have changed. Today we all want bigger and faster machines. After seeing the new crop of middleweight machines ready to hit the market, I am wondering if we can be coaxed to go back in time.

Most of us remember a time when the middleweight motorcycle market was a dog eat dog battle for supremacy. All the big manufacturers were players in the game and the bikes were amazing! Well the good news is this market is making a comeback in a big way. Why is that, you may ask. Here are my thoughts:

We might not want to admit it, but the majority of the riders that have the means and the want, to buy motorcycles are older riders. We all know from experience that big liter machines are harder to ride, take more effort to ride and to be honest, most riders will not even come close to riding these magnificent machines close to the level that they deserve. They are larger, weigh more and demand your full attention. The new middleweight machines, offer plenty of usable power with world class technology in the areas of suspension and rider aids. They give the experienced rider everything needed to have a great riding experience with less weight. A win-win situation.

Newer riders are begging for a adrenaline pumping machine, that gets the heart rate up, looks great and does not put them in debt, unlike their student loans. Affordable machines, that the younger crowd can grow with, gaining the experience needed to be a motorcycle enthusiast for years to come. This new middleweight class will be a nice springboard to bigger bikes, with more technology and horsepower. Manufactures are committed to making these machines because they see the potential market share that they are leaving on the table.

The new look Middleweight class is exciting. Everything from Standards, Super Sports, cruisers and adventure bikes are all coming in smaller sizes. They have all the bells and whistles, with much less weight and a price tag that most of us can afford without having to mortgage the house. I am excited to see these new machines at our local dealers, luring the newer and experienced riders to take a dip in the Middleweight pool. Heck I may even jump in. Stay tuned!

So what are your thoughts? What new Middleweight has gotten your attention? Maybe you are not interested at all in these small machines. If that is the case, let me know why? While most of us are stuck in the house during this cold spell, we can all discuss the resurgence of the Middleweight. Ready … set…go!

5 Reasons to attend STAR 2021!

Are you on the fence about attending the 2021 National Rally?

You can get more info for the rally here – Sign up today!

#1: Connecting with old friends

Rallies are a great way to reconnect with old friends. 2020 was a different year. Many Rallies were cancelled and those that were not, had a much lower turn out due to riders playing it safe and staying closer to home.

This year hopefully we will see more rallies being held and more riders out hitting the road. There are a number of rallies that I have attended, where I would get to see friends, that I had not seen since the last event a year earlier. Due to distance, time and life this was the only time that our paths crossed. I am sure there are many of us who can’t wait to kick some tires with friends we have not gotten to see in months or even years. These rallies are a great meeting place to catch up and reconnect. 

#2: The chance to make new friends

One of the great things that happen at these rallies is the forming of new friendships. There is so much opportunity to speak with new folks. When you are sitting in the lobby, chatting with new friends and planning the rides for the next day this is a fantastic chance to start building relationships that can go on for many years in the future. Remember the first rally you attended? Keep that in mind when you are walking around, having dinner or taking part in a ride. Take a chance and go introduce yourself to someone new. It could be a start to a lifelong friendship. To me this is one of the most exciting things about attending a rally

#3- The Great Riding

At the heart of all rallies is the riding! Getting to visit a new location, being able to enjoy roads that may be new to you or roads that you have not gotten a chance to ride in awhile. It is one of the main reasons we all visit these rallies. 

Usually there is a local, or many locals that know all of the great rides. They know the destinations of choice, the places where the “locals” eat and the “can’t miss” locations that all riders must visit when in the area. Maps or routes are usually provided and there are a number of smaller groups you can always tag along with. The riding! I don’t think I have to say anything else.

#4- Making Memories

These rallies lend themselves to making memories that you and your friends will talk about for years and at many future rallies. There is always the ride that has some sort of adventure, that could include, but not limited to; scenic lookouts, fantastic roadside conversation, mechanical issues (hey flat tires happen), making the wrong turn, going down a dirt road that looked like a good idea on google maps but is a rutted mess. Hanging out at the rally site, laughing and drinking beverages and telling lies about the day. It’s all about the memories. 

Slow down, smell the roses, take pictures. There are times when we all want to tackle a twisty road with a pace that might be spirited for some and too slow for others. It’s all about the ride and making memories and doing it safely! I always like to look back after a day of riding during a rally. I want to make sure I have taken it all in and I have not taken any of the miles for granted! I never know when I will be in this part of the country again. I don’t want to miss a thing.

#5- Hanging out with like minded people

Some individuals see people riding a motorcycle in the rain and they think to themselves “why would anyone do that” ? At these rallies you will find out quickly that no matter where we are from, what you do for a living, no matter our age, color or sex we all have one thing in common and that is this great Passion! 

Being a motorcycle enthusiast is a rarity. Look around at your day to day life and you realize that many people will never understand why you ride, they will never understand or get to enjoy the freedom that we feel when we throw our leg over our bike and ride off for an afternoon of twisty roads and good friends. It’s a magical combination. 

At these rallies everyone thinks alike. We all know that feeling of freedom. That feeling of adrenaline when you are pushing your limits. We might not have anything else in common but we have that to share. Being around motorcycle enthusiast’s is one of the reasons I love attending these events. I think you all will agree as well.

Bonus Reason: You could come home a proud new owner of a new motorcycle!


Honda NC750X – Manual Version.

The bike we have chosen for this year is the Honda NC750X (manual). Raffle tickets are on sale now for $8.00 each at: www.planetreg.com/MSTAraffle2021. You must be a full MSTA MEMBER at the time of the drawing to win. You can join the club or renew your membership at www.planetreg.com/MSTAJOIN or www.planetreg.com/MSTARENEW. Drawing will held on June 16, 2021 at the conclusion of the STAR rally banquet.

Honda will deliver the bike to you local Honda dealer for pickup there at no charge to yourself. Winner is responsible for all federal, state, and local taxes and fees. Please see order website for details.

Good Luck!

Are we Overlanders Now?

Every overland vehicle needs a fridge right? Adding the Camp Chef is a huge win!

Jamie and I have been camping for years, both in vehicles and on the motorcycle. In the past couple of years, the overland phase has really kicked in. At some of the vents we have attended a number of campers/overland vehicles have had a fridge that they can carry in the back of their jeep or truck. We loved the idea just did not love the price of admission. while watching one of my favorite youtube channels – Softroadingthewest. Donald did a quick review and it got Jamie and I thinking that we might take the plunge. We got a great deal on it from Amazon, but unfortunately it looks like it is no longer offered. We got the 24qt version. You can get the smaller one here. We will try it out and post our thoughts in the next month or so. So stay tuned.

F40C4TMP Portable Refrigerator Freezer 20 Quart 12V Car Freezer Refrigerator

We have also been looking to replace our older Coleman stove. It works well and has been great for us, we were just looking for an upgrade. In steps the Camp Chef Everest stove. We are thinking this is going to be a great choice for us. We are looking forward to getting out and trying it on the trail.

Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove

Jamie & I want to know if you have either of these products. What are your thoughts? If you have a fridge or camp stove, which products to you prefer? Let us know.