We had a chance to take a trip south to enjoy the riding and get in some last minute camping before the weather turned cold.

Jamie and I started to look at the calendar and realized that we had the week of Thanksgiving open for a road trip. I have recently left my retail management position and having a black Friday off was not something I was accustomed to. We started to look at our options and we decided this would be a great chance to get in one more camping / riding trip. The Texas hill country stood out, as the weather was looking inviting for the area. Plus we had not ridden in that area for a few years. So… Hill Country here we come!

The wheels started to turn as we started planning our Thanksgiving trip. We wanted to squeeze in one last camping trip for the year. We decided to trailer the Versys behind our Subaru. This would allow us to have options, if the weather changed. We were set and ready to go. The good news is we had a few friends that would join us. Yeeha was doing a last minute ride to Big Bend, so he decided to swing over and ride with us for a couple of days. Yeeha would leave on Wednesday and then Becky & Jeff would come join us for the holiday and enjoy some riding. We have such great friends.

We rolled out on Sunday and made our way the 5 hours to North Texas. We stayed with our friend Rob and had a great time catching up with him. The next morning we got up early and had breakfast with some of our riding friends before hitting the road for the hill country.

We made our way down south with a couple of stops along the way. We always make our way to Llano, to visit Coppers to have some BBQ. We were not disappointed, the food is always good. After eating way too much food, we made our way to the KOA in Kerrville. We set up the tent and started a fire. Not a bad way to start our holiday week.

Tuesday morning rolled around and it was COLD! It had gotten down to 32 during the night. We were toasty warm in the tent, but the minute we stepped out, we were reminded of the lower temps.

We met up with Yeeha for a spirited ride of the famous Three sisters. The weather warmed up and was amazing the rest of the day. We had forgotten how much fun riding in the area was. We had a very bad experience the last time riding in the Hill Country so we were excited to erase that memory. Today was amazing! The riding was great and the weather was even better. It is always fun riding with our good friend Stephen.

We got back into Kerrville, jumped into the Subaru and had a fantastic dinner with Yeeha. He was heading back to the metroplex in the morning. Wednesday would have Jamie and I on our own to explore the countryside. This was a fantastic day of riding and we were all smiling big! The trip was just starting and we were so happy.

We rolled out of the tent on Wednesday morning and was greeted by the wind. Gusts between 20-30 mph were non stop. We were not going to allow this minor inconvenience ruin our day. We jumped in the Subaru and explored the area. It seems that we have to explain from time to time, why we like to trailer our Versys to these places.

Our philosophy is quality over quantity when it comes to miles placed on the Versys. We still do a fair share of miles, however the miles are now quality miles. Many may not agree with this, but that is how we roll. Camping is also something that we really enjoy and trying to get packed up, riding two up is a tough gig. We have done it many times in the past. This just makes the camping experience more enjoyable for us. Sorry now back to our scheduled programming….

We took our time exploring the countryside. We stopped by Luckenbach for a little break and to take some pictures. This little place is a must see. It is all Texas and a fun little stop. The wind was relentless and would not stop for most of the day. We drove around and found some cool little spots, including the cartoon saloon in comfort Texas.

We finished the day by playing tourist in Fredericksburg Texas. This is a cool little town, that have many shops and places to check out. As many of you know, we like our breweries so we found one and spent the next hour just relaxing and taking in the atmosphere. The Fredericksburg Brewing Company is a great place with some tasty beer. Don’t miss it if you are in town.

We walked around for a couple of hours and decided to head back to camp as we wanted to cook out and enjoy the evening. The wind finally calmed down and we enjoyed a wonderful meal, a camp fire and just enjoyed spending some “us” time together. That is one of the reasons we love traveling and riding together. We love experiencing new things together.

Happy Thanksgiving! We woke up to a better weather day. We would get to ride again today. It was warm and the wind gusts stayed down for the most part. They would get big at times, but nothing too crazy! We rode around and took in the countryside. The hill country has a different type of terrain and it changes around every corner. We love just heading down roads and seeing where they take us. The ranches in this area are amazing! We explored, made many stops and had a wonderful Thanksgiving morning. It was awesome!

We finished the ride back in Fredericksburg. We were hoping the brewing company was open. The website said they were, however we arrived to locked doors. We were not surprised as it was Thanksgiving so we decided on plan B. The Western Edge was open, however it was also very busy. We decided to eat on the patio. It was a little chilly as the wind seemed to flow well in that patio. The good news was the fact we met a young couple from Dallas and had a very enjoyable conversation. It is another thing we love about traveling. I am sure our paths would have never crossed, had we not been traveling. Just another positive of riding is the fact it is a quick conversation starter. They were interested in our riding gear and if we were cold. They were in shock when we told them we had heated gear and even heated grips on the bike. It was a great way to meet new friends. We finished up and rode back to Kerrville. I did get to see some of the football game. Life is good!

We were meeting our friends Becky & Jeff as they were coming up from the Dallas area. We went and had a late Thanksgiving meal at the Cracker Barrel when they arrived. Tomorrow we would ride the Three sisters again. Becky and Jeff had not ridden them so we thought it would be a nice day to show off the Hill Country.

Breakfast first at the Hill Country Cafe and then we headed out. It was a cloudy cool day, but that did not stop us. We rode the three sisters and spent a little time at the Lonestar Motorcycle museum. We enjoyed the ride and got to spend some time together. I am not going to lie, it was a little chilly. We still had a great time riding. We finished the day at the Rails Cafe. It was a fantastic meal! The KOA was awesome, as they allowed us to take over the rec room. We introduced Becky & Jeff to the game of dominoes. We added a few adult beverages and had a great end to the night. This was a sad evening as the trip was coming to an end, but we were so grateful to spend the last evening with good friends.

We woke up on Saturday morning, loaded up camp and the bike and headed to Fort Worth. We were spending the night at Becky & Jeff’s house before heading back to Arkansas. It was a great trip and a wonderful way to spend the Thanksgiving holiday!

We enjoyed our time and we look forward to more adventures together soon. As many of you know we have started a motorcycle and 4WD tour business. We are so excited to start this new venture and to meet many more great folks. Please do us a favor and pass around the news that we have started the business. Come visit us at motoadrenalinetours.com

Special Thanks to Rob, Adan, Sonia, David, Yeeha and Becky & Jeff for making this an enjoyable week. So until our next adventure, stay safe and be kind. Please sign up for our newsletter for updates on the site.

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