News from this weeks Cycle News – Some great news, Ducati V4s and Harley Pan American finally a reality!

First of all I get this great magazine free from Cycle News. You can as well, just follow this link and sign up. I am thinking of writing a quick response to each update. What do you think? Leave me a comment down below.


Well it looks like the Pan American is indeed a real motorcycle. Many of us had our doubts that we would ever see this long talked about machine. I think I saw the first hint of this at the Dallas Motorcycle show back in 2019.

According to the Pan American website the bike will be available in May of 2021. I have to admit, looking at the site I am intrigued and I want to see it up close. It seems to have all of the bells and whistles of todays adventure bikes and it is listed for a price that is comparable as well. I am not a huge fan of the looks of the machine, however if the Harley is everything advertised, it could make an impact in the adventure bike crowd. Only time will tell.

What do you think? Will you go test ride one? Let me know in the comments

After reading the article in the Cycle News and watching Zach’s video review of the V4s, it looks like Ducati has hit another homerrun! The V4s looks amazing and the numbers only back that up.

The Ducati is filled with tons of wiz bang gizmos, non more highly discussed than the Adaptive Cruise Control system. Personally I am not a proponent on cars, so I don’t know if I can be sold that it will be a huge benefit on a motorcycle. I could be wrong, but I will wait until I hear and see more about it in the real riding world.

The Bike looks amazing and from what Zach says, it goes like stink, stops on a dime and makes a good all around machine. He has rated it #1 on his Daily Rider scoreboard! That is very high praise. Check out Zach on Instagram. If money were no object, this machine would probably make it to my garage. I could see Jamie and I doing some spirited two up touring on the V4s. The bad news is, money still matters so I will sit back and read more about it, watch more videos and just sit back and dream Italian dreams.

What do you think of Adaptive cruise control on a two wheeled machine?
great news! buell is back!

10 new models by 2024! It looks like Buell could be back and ready to tackle the American market. It is always exciting to have an American made motorcycle and it sounds like they will be making sports machines along with touring and adventure bikes. I have always liked the look and sound of a Buell and the thought of an adventure bike sounds appealing! I will never forget back in 2008, we were at Deals Gap and we ran into a group of Buell riders. They were all so friendly and looked like they were having the time of their life. maybe this is one reason I like the thought of a Buell.

Fun times.. I wish I could remember his name. he was a lot of fun!
Have you ridden a Buell? What are your thoughts?

That wraps up this weeks Moto News. Do you like this idea? Should I continue to do it? I was thinking about doing a little video each month going over the 4 weeks of the Cycle News, something like The Missenden flyer does for the MCN in the UK.