Express Rally’s Rigs & Coffee

Thanks to The Hub Bike Lounge for hosting this Overland event.
Coverage from Ian Caple of BLK ELK Media

Jamie and I attended our first Rigs & Coffee event at The Hub Bike Lounge in Bentonville. It was a cold morning, but there were many rigs in attendance. We met some cool people and got to walk around and kick tires. There were some amazing rigs in attendance. You can see more of the pictures here.

Our Jeep is in a few of the aerial shots. It looks so small compared to all of the rigs with 4″ lift kits and 35 inch tires. We spent a couple of hours walking around, gawking at the rigs and spending time with like minded people.

We met a couple of YouTubers at the event as well. Check out their channels and watch their video from the days events. Yes that is me in the thumbnail below.

Juan Perez & Robert Mancia – Steeze Nation
Narxoleptic Customs

It was a fun morning. We left there and went and had breakfast at the Buttered Biscuit. You have to give it a try if you have not eaten there.

Until next time everyone.. stay safe!

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