My Bucket List – Top 5

I know that all motorcycle enthusiasts lie awake at night dreaming of motorcycles. Wondering… if money were no object, if you had unlimited space in your garage and your loved ones “wanted” you to have multiple machines….

OK, OK, maybe I am the only one that does this at night. I was thinking if I had to choose one bike to own in the following categories, what would I own?
I might miss a category you would think of, so let me know if you would have a different thought and what machine would fill that spot for you. Here are my TOP 5 – Bucket List Machines. In no particular order.

Best Non – Adventure Style Touring Machine.

The Honda Gold Wing. Yes I know I am not old enough to own one yet (It’s joke folks), but I do love the new styling and the machine is rock solid. There may be a day in the not so distant future that Jamie and I could be aboard one of these luxury Open Road Machines.
Runner up: BMW K1600 GT

Best Adventure Style Touring Machine.

The BMW GS 1250 HP. Many of you will be surprised by my answer, but if money were no object I would defiantly be riding this machine. I love the look and the motor is incredible. I would probably not ever get the off road use out of it, but I am sure it could eat up the miles, be fun in the twisty stuff and be a very capable 2 up steed.
Runner Up: Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE LT

Best Pure Sport Touring Machine

Hands down, The KTM 1290 Super Duke GT. This machine is pure motorcycle porn. Everything…. the look, the motor the colors all scream SEXY! If I could only have one machine off of this list. It would be the Super Duke GT.
Runner up: Kawasaki Ninja 1000

Best Open Class Super Bike

The Aprillia RSV4 RF. I know I would never ever have the skills to ride this machine even close to the way it should be ridden, but I would look damn cool on it! haha. The sound of this machine and the way it looks is intoxicating. I would love to bond with this machine on many track days.
Runner up: Ducati Panigale V4 R

Best Retro Cafe Style Machine

The Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe Z. I love the look of a good cafe style machine. This would be a fantastic bike to carve up the back roads on.
Runner Up: BMW R nine T

So there you have it. My Bucket List Top 5. Tell me your thoughts. Do you think I am crazy? How would your top 5 be different? Shoot me a note.

You can tell the weather is gloomy as I need to get my motorcycle fix. This article will have to do until we can ride again. Until Then everyone… Ride Safe.

6 thoughts on “My Bucket List – Top 5

  1. I noticed all your dream bikes are new. I would need a 73 Honda XL 250, maybe a 90 Ducati Supersport, and 3 new bikes😎


  2. I probably should have named it current Bucket List. I am going to do the same thing in a few days with bikes from the past. Thanks for the comment


  3. All great bikes! Like my Harley but the BMW is a looker! Weather is a bummer right now but did get some riding in Monday and Tuesday before the winds and rain moved in.

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  4. You seem to be missing 2/3’s of what motorcycling is about. I agree with the Gold Wing and the Super Duke. But to experience the joy of motorcycling, I believe that a Touring bike, a Fast bike (for sport-touring), an Intermediate (500 to 800cc) bike, a street legal Dual Purpose bike and a small street legal Dirt bike would cover the complete range motorcycling.


    1. I can appreciate where you are coming from, but trust me my friend I know what motorcycling is to me. That might be different for you, but let’s not paint with such a broad brush. I get all of my off-road enjoyment in my Jeep JK that I love overlanding with. I keep my motorcycles on the pavement so a dual purpose and a dirt bike would not do anything for me. That is what is so cool about this hobby, we can all enjoy it in different ways. Ride safe and thanks for the comment.


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