225 miles on great Arkansas Roads. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday!

It has been 10 years since I had the opportunity to have a Labor Day weekend off. The retail management field does not offer many holiday weekends off. This one did however and we took advantage of it.

Jamie and I got up and on the road around 7:15am. We were rewarded with a beautiful cool morning. The skies were overcast, but the threat of rain was minimal. We had sent out an invite to some of the social media groups that we frequent, with no response. So we figured we would be on our own. We rode to the departure lounge, had a quick coffee and headed out at 8am.

We took off over the lake and hit a nice twisty stretch to start our morning. The weather looked threatening in the distance. That did not dampen our enthusiasm and we plugged along. We came across some wet roads but never got any rain. I think we just followed it to breakfast.

We stopped in Kingston and took a little break. This is just a little hole in the wall place but it seems to be the cross roads of traffic. We enjoyed a quick 15 minutes and then headed down to Boxley Valley. We got to see some elk and just enjoy the valley. This is just another gem in our beautiful state of Arkansas.

We were both starting to get hungry so it was time to load up and get to Jasper so we could eat. We love the Ozark Cafe and today did not disappoint. We had a good breakfast and just hung out and enjoyed the morning. As we got loaded back up we decided that we would take the long way home.

After a nice little jaunt up the beautiful and scenic highway 7, we decided to make our way over to Eureka Springs. We understood that the holiday traffic would be a little rough in the Springs, but it was not that bad. We stopped and had a little snack at the Cat House. It is a great location to watch the world go by. I think we were the only non cruiser in the parking lot. We spent a good hour just enjoying our day together. Jamie and I need to slow down and do this more often.

When we arrived the lot had a number of open parking spaces. As we rode off, the lot was full of American made motorcycles. I always love hanging out here. It is such a great atmosphere for the motorcycle enthusiast.

We finished the day by riding up into Missouri and taking one of our favorite roads (hwy 90) home. We logged 219 miles and had a fantastic day. We hope that you all enjoy the pictures. You can see the entire gallery here. Thanks for reading the blog. Until next time.. Ride Safe!