Colorado Dreamin – Back to the land of Enchantment, Taos and more!

We got up to a beautiful morning in Pagosa Springs. The air was cool and the sky was clear and blue. It has all of the makings of a fantastic day! We went down the street hoping they had water so we could have some morning coffee.

We went to the Colorado cafe and the coffee was amazing! Our friends have laughed at us this entire trip as jamie and I have been taking advantage of the local fare as much as possible. You can never eat too much green or red can you??

As we walked into the cafe we noticed a balloon getting ready to explore the day. Not a bad view to start the day.

We took off and headed down into New Mexico. Our first stop would be the little town of Chama NM. Their claim to fame is the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad. On our way we ran across a real life cattle drive. We just pulled over and let them go by. It was very cool.

We got there in time to see the train load up and take off. We enjoyed a easy morning walking around the town, enjoying the backdrop and playing tourist.

After Chama we jumped on NM 64 and headed over to Tres Piedras. This has always been one of my favorite rides in NM. The road was not in the best shape, but the beauty and smells more than made up for that. Still one of my favorites.

Our next stop was the Rio Grande Gorge bridge. We have done this a number of times, but it is always a nice stop. The weather could not have been better. it was beautiful and not too warm.

We have always passed by the earthships as we ride by, so we decided it would be a great time to stop and check things out. It is very fascinating! You can read and learn more about the Earthship Biotecture Project here.

We finished the day by running into Taos and playing tourist the rest of the afternoon. We walked around the square, had a few adult beverages and just enjoyed being together.

I am truly blessed to have Jamie in my life. She enjoys our adventures and makes every trip so much fun. I love that girl!

We were starting to have post motorcycle trip depression. Yes it is a real thing. That feeling you have when you know you are headed back to reality. No more open road, no more enjoying time with good friends. There will be many more trips, but this trip was almost over and it always makes us sad. Until the next one that is..

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