Photo Collage – Mena Arkansas 2006

This trip kinda started it all for us. It was a cold, miserable and probably the most memorable trip we have ever done.

Disclaimer; This ride actually occured in June 2006.

This trip was so much fun. It happened back in 2007 and believe it or not we still get comments about how much fun the ride was. It started off with us riding off into the morning only to be greeted by some of the worst rain I have ever ridden in. It was unforgiving, and just slammed down for hours.

We finally made it to Queen Wilhelmina State Park, however we still got to set up our tents in a torrential rainfall. We had such a cool group of riders and before the weekend was over we laughed, joked and had so much fun.

This is one trip I will never forget. You can see the blog post here:

All of the pictures are located here:

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