I am headed to Colorado the week of July 13 – July 18, then headed over to Red River NM for our family reunion. I am in need of a mountain getaway and this should fit the bill perfectly. Here is a look at the plan that I have set. Hope you all enjoy the prep work.

I will be heading out after work on Friday the 13th. Jamie will be picking up our daughter in Tulsa at the airport that same day.  We will meet up in the metropolis of Hays Kansas for the evening. 

On Saturday (July 14) morning the alarm will go off early as we still have a few miles to get to the Denver area. We are staying with friends in Evergreen Colorado. We will get my son Alec and then head over to Denver and Mile High Stadium to catch the Santa Clara Vanguard and our favorite trumpet player, Jacob Diewald at the Drums across the Rockies competition. It is going to be EPIC! Stay tuned!

Sunday (July 15) we get to hang out in beautiful Colorado. We will have the family together for the day. The older the kids get, this becomes harder and harder to achieve. We will take advantage of the family time. Stay tuned for the pictures. 

Monday we will all head our different ways. Jamie and Megan will head south to Albuquerque to spend time with family and help granny prepare for our Red River festivities later in the week. I will be heading out in my Jeep, with camping gear in tow. My first stop will be the Crested Butte area. 

I will get there in time to eat lunch and then go off and explore the Paradise Divide. It looks like I will try and camp at oh Be Joyful campground. Its free and on a first come first serve basis. I am hoping a Monday should not be very busy. They have camp sites only accessible by a river crossing. Sounds like a fun time. It will be fun using the jeep again for what it is designed to do. Nothing crazy, but it should be a beautiful day. 

Tuesday (July 16) will be another great day. Last year we did Engineer Pass on the way from Ouray to Lake city. This year I am going to do Cinnamon Pass and complete the Alpine Loop. I will be staying in the 4J campgrounds in Ouray next to the Uncompahgre River. It is within walking distance of many restaurants and the breweries in town. 

Wednesday (July 17) Today will be another wonderful day of exploring. I will hit Ophir Pass and Alta Lakes on my way to Telluride for lunch. Then I will do Last Dollar Road up to Noel, before heading over and staying in Gunnison for the evening. 

I love staying in the Gunnison area. I will make sure to get some dinner at the Twisted Fork. I will also make a trip to The Bean on my way out of town. It still ranks as one of my favorite coffee places on the planet. I will be staying at the Tall Texan just outside of Gunnison. We have stayed here the past. Its clean, quiet and has awesome showers. Plus it is close to town. 

I have made the choice to do easy to moderate trails on this trip. I will be doing them solo, So I feel it is best to take it semi easy. Plus I want to take my time. Do some sight seeing and just enjoy the solitude. I am really looking forward to this trip. 

Thursday (July 18) will be the day that I start heading to Red River for our family reunion. I will eat some breakfast in Lake City and meander my way along through Creede via Slumgullion Pass. Then down wolf creek pass to Pagosa Springs and then drop down into New Mexico. I should be able to meet up with Jamie and her family late that afternoon. 

The rest of the weekend will be spent enjoying family. We will be eating too much, drinking a little (wink wink) and getting to catch up with family. We will be doing some jeeping here as well. Looks like we will do Goose lake one of the days.


It is always one of our best trips of the year. I will be posting more pics and details on my Facebook page and Instagram Feeds. Stay tuned. It should be a great trip.