We awoke to a beautiful morning in Mexican Hat. The sun coming up over the horizon, painted a great back drop for our morning. We got us a breakfast burrito that was very good. Today we were headed off to visit Telluride Colorado. It had been years since I had visited this great little place. Jamie had never been there so I was excited to show your this little jewel of a town. 

What a beautiful morning to ride. It was beautiful. We rolled into Telluride to be greeted by a Blue grass folk festival. The town was buzzing with activity. It was a great day to show off Telluride to Jamie. We rode with Howard and Mark this morning and it was a great morning. Jamie and I spent a couple of hours exploring this great place. It was one of the highlights of this great trip.

After spending some time in Telluride we headed off to do the Million Dollar Highway and to visit another of our favorite places, Ouray Colorado. We took our time enjoyed the views and took in all of the beauty that is Colorado. We stopped at the Ouray Brewing Company, enjoyed a nice drink (Their Ice Tea is amazing) and had a great conversation about the trip so far and how lucky we are to have a chance to enjoy these moments together. 

We rode down the mountain, enjoying the fresh air. We had plenty of chances for smelling the roses and taking in the picturesque painting that was laid out before us. The traffic was bad. It was Friday and people were trying to beat the heat. We had a nice slow ride into Durango. 

We rolled into Durango, Colorado a little sad that the day was over, but we were so happy to see the great little place we would be staying for the evening. The Siesta Inn was amazing! The people running this great little place were amazing! It was one of the best places we stayed all trip. The Haddon Family are great hosts and I would recommend this place to all of my family and friends. 

The gang all rolled in at different times from different adventures. It was great seeing all of the smiles. It was a fantastic day of riding. Tomorrow we would head back to Raton and finish our journey, but this evening we would share stories and enjoy our last night in Colorado. It was a fantastic day!

We finished the night off with some apple cobbler in bed. It was a great way to end the night. What a great day!