To Gateway and beyond with just a touch of rain.

Jamie and I got up around 6am so that we could get the bike loaded up and ready to roll with the group at 8am. This also allowed Jamie and I to get motivated so that we could head down to main street and have a tasty breakfast at the Bean. We love this place and it did not disappoint us. We had some tasty yogurt with fruit while enjoying our morning coffee. It was a fantastic way to start this Monday morning. 

We arrived back at the hotel around 7:45. The gang was already suited up and we were able to take off right at time. It was a very overcast morning and rain threatened the beautiful Colorado morning. We headed out of Gunnison on our way for a spirited ride through the Black Canyon. It is a beautiful area. The roads are twisty and it is a nice way to start the days riding. We did have a little delay due to some construction over the Blue Mesa.  

The rain held off and we had a good ride. The Black Canyon is a very cool place and the scenery is a good way to start today’s journey. Jamie and I love the twisty roads, with the views changing after every curve. The road can be technical, so it demands your attention. As we climbed back out of the canyon we headed over to the Grand Junction area. We were headed to one of my favorite roads in Colorado. CO 141 is a MUST for any motorcycle enthusiast. 

The next stops were in Hotchkiss and Delta Colorado. We jump on US 50 and before we knew it we were heading down CO 141. We had dodged most of the rains for the day. We had avoided putting on the rain gear and it sure was keeping the temps down and very comfortable. We made a gas stop at the Desperado General Store. This made for a good time to get to know some of the Lone Star Riders that I did not know as well as some of the other members. I love this about these types of trips. The Riders are a good group and I cherish the opportunity to learn more about these nice people. 

141 never disappoints. The scenery is completely different that the montain areas of Colorado. This is a area that reminds me of parts of New Mexico, a New Mexico on steroids. Today the rains were keeping the temps in check. We did have to put on Rain suits at one time, but it was never miserable. The group was headed to the resort at Gateway for a lunch. The resort is always beautiful. The service was good and the food was delicious. 

The rains started so we took it easy into the Resort at Gateway. We ate at the Paradox Grille. The food was a little pricey, but good. We had a great lunch. The rest of the group finally made it to the grille. The GPS had the wrong directions so it was hard to find the exact location. We took our time and enjoyed the company. This resort is amazing and we would love to stay here some day. I think it would be a great place to relax. 

The group headed out of Gateway on our way to Moab. The afternoon cleared up and the rains stayed away for the rest of the day. Jamie and I have never been to Moab Utah. We were excited about heading into Utah. I have not been there on a motorcycle in a number of years. We had a fabulous afternoon. The scenery is beautiful and the ride was good as the temps remained very comfortable and made for a beautiful day of riding. 

We stayed at the Inca Inn and I really liked the stay. the rooms were a little on the small side, but it sure beat staying in a chain hotel. We took up most of the hotel, so it was a great place to kick tires and tell some stories of the day. We had a nice dinner at the Broken Oar to end the evening. the steak was good, the service not so much. 

I have to say that one thing that caught our attention was the road surface change from leaving Colorado and heading into Utah. The TAR SNAKES were brutal in Utah. It took all of us by surprise on how many and how slick they were. It really slowed the pace on some of the roads. I have included more pictures of our ride to Moab as well. 

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