This would be the our 7th year in a row to attend this event. ( LSBMW ACR ) You never know what you will get in terms of Fall Colors or weather but we always can count on one thing being constant and that is the fact that we ALWAYS enjoy our selves. This year was no different. I know this is a motorcycle blog, but you will have to endure the family stuff, before getting to the two wheeled fun. (or you could just scroll down, but you will be missing a lot.. just sayin. )

Jamie and I had left on the 30th to head to Lubbock to watch our son Jacob and the GOIN’ Band perform on the 31st for the Oklahoma State game. The drive on Friday evening was a little scary as the weather was awful. It rained and it did it for a long time and with some force. We finally made it to the hotel around 10:30. 

calm before the storm.

We took Jacob out for breakfast and made a quick run to Target for a few things. Its always good to spend time with him. Jamie was having Jacob withdrawals, as was I so the time was well spent. He had to get ready for the march over and the game, so we did not spend a lot of time with him, but it was great to see his smile. 

a proud mom

Love this picture
supporting OSU 

The outcome did not please us, but the band ROCKED the house! We are so proud of Jacob and the man that he has become. He has great seats for the game and it looks like he is having the time of his life! We love Jacob and the GOIN’ Band from RaiderLand. 

Our jacob is Awesome!
GOIN’ Band marching to game
Go Tech! Wreck’em
Great seats
We decided to hit the road with 7 minutes to go. We still had another 5 hours to drive. We were headed to Albuquerque for a family wedding. The drive went by quickly as Jamie was reading to me. Sure made time fly. We got to the house by 11PM. We were tired but the trip had been great so far. Jordan and Tyson were wed on Sunday Nov 1. This date was very important as Granny & Pop were also celebrating 35 years of marriage. This is a great family and I am so proud they have taken me in. Love them so very much!

beautiful ladies
Love this family
Good times
POP being POP
We woke up Sunday morning and took our time getting around. We enjoyed the crisp cool weather. We got to catch up with our friends Chris & Christina and take in some New Mexican food. Life was very good!. It just added to the great time we were having. 

We love us some NM food
Our good friends Chris & Christina
The wedding was that evening and it was BEAUTIFUL! The ceremony fit the relationship and a good time was had by all. Congrats to Jordan & Tyson we wish you many many years of happiness. See all of the pictures here: Jordan & Tyson Wedding Celebration

Just the beginning!
Beautiful Bride and Groom and the adorable C
I married way above my head
We hung out on Monday, just catching our breath, and enjoying the family. Jamie and her mom went to the casino and had some luck, so it was a good way to end the Albuquerque part of our journey. As always we could not say Thanks enough to Granny & Pop. They take us in and put up with us and as most of you know, that can be work in itself. We love the 505 and will always call it home. 

We loaded up and hit the road on Tuesday! It a long boring drive to Plano, but it was uneventful and without issue, so it was a good day. As we were headed back to Plano, we kept glancing at the weather forecast. I was scheduled to load up the last part of the bike and head to Arkansas on Thursday. The forecast showed 100% chance of rain and it also said that it would be fierce with a possibility of hail. Not good when riding on two wheels. 

I got up on Wednesday morning and the forecast got even worse, if that was possible. I decided to jump on the bike and head to Arkansas. It was a very good choice. I headed out of town around 9am and did the long slab to Hope Arkansas. Doing the I-30 shuffle sucks but I made good time and I stayed dry. I then jumped off to the back roads and enjoyed what we all come to Arkansas for.. the great twisty roads. I got into Mountain View around 4:30, only to find out that my room mates Leonard and Liz had decided to beat the rain as well. It worked out perfectly. We settled in, ate dinner and had some wonderful conversation. It was a great way to spend a Wednesday. 

Great parking
Some of the gang would take the long way to Mountain View and they would suffer a Thursday of wet weather. I would as well, but never got wet. Just chilled out at the room and enjoyed the down time. I lied, we did get wet as I thought it was a good idea to walk up the road 1-2 miles to the local Wal-mart. We got soaked before coming home and the walk only took 2.5 hours. It was fine and the bikes stayed dry under the canopy at the cabins. Stephen had great weather on Wednesday, as did I, but he got poured on Thursday. 

peart tribute
Colin arrived later Thursday as well and he was wet and not very happy. He was wearing his KLIM gear that is touted as all weather gear.. if all weather means getting wet then they were correct. That stuff costs a lot of money and it did not seem to pass the wet weather test. Now to be fair Colin had made some personal adjustments to the jacket, so who knows if that caused the jacket to leak. I do know that it was great giving Colin a hard time about his over priced gear. It was all in good fun. We all had a nice dinner and finished the evening chatting about the ride that was scheduled for Friday. The weather looked to be great and the twisty roads of Northern Arkansas were calling out to us. 

The KLIM gear sucks .. just kidding
Liz did not want her picture taken
We awoke on Friday to a beautiful morning. The skies were over cast but it was warm and the rain was no where to be seen. Let’s Ride. Stephen, Leonard & Liz and Colin joined me for the day. We ate some breakfast and then hit the road. We did 14, 16 and 123 in the morning. It was wonderful. 

every morning should start like this
Let’s Ride
Colin on the Duc
It was such a great morning of riding. The pace was brisk and fun was in the air. We stopped at Sand Gap for a quick break. I am glad that we did. We pulled into the lot only to find 6-8 beautiful original Shelby GT’s and even a Daytona. they were beautiful cars and even sounded fast. There was a lot of money taking a break in that lot and our bikes were not even close in value. 

Shelby love

Our good fortune would run out about 45 minutes outside Sand Gap on 123 heading towards Jasper. The road is so tight and so much fun. Stephen and I got to the junction of 123 and 74 towards Jasper, we stopped to wait for Colin. When he did not follow after 5 minutes we backed tracked. We found him and his Ducati on the side of the road with a busted chain. It did not look good. He did not lay the bike down, but the Duc was going no where fast. Something had happened to cause the chain to break mid link. I had never seen anything like that in the past. Colin called Ducati and in only 2.5 hours there was a trailer there to get his bike and take him to Harrison. The verdict is still out on the cause of the mishap. We were all very happy that only the bike was damaged and everyone was ok and still able to ride. The cool thing was we also got to see Colin crawl onto Leonard’s GS.. that was worth the price of admission. Too funny. On a serious note, this could have been very bad. I was just happy that Colin was fine and in semi good spirits. He joined us back in Mountain view a few hours later in a rental car. 

damn chain
Can you hear me now?
no words can explain how funny this was to watch
We all got back into Mountain View in time to attend the LSBMW dinner. We had a great turnout. The food was decent and the company was outstanding. We finished the night, telling stories and making fun of Colin. I see a trend here.. haha

We started the day like we had the last three by having breakfast at PJ’s. The food is well priced and the portions are huge. Today we would be riding Push Mountain, taking Peel’s Ferry and riding some Missouri roads. I cant think of a much better way to spend a Saturday. Our hope was to make it through the day without a issue. The weather was cooler but nothing crazy and the sun was shining. Today we had Stephen, Fred and Jim Wright on his new Versys along for the ride. 

Push is fun!
Ferry Ride
the gangs all here
We ran into the group at the Ferry so we basically took over the ride. It was pretty cool seeing 16-18 bikes on the ferry. We had a great day of riding. The weather was amazing and the roads were even better. Nothing beats a brisk pace on some fun twisty roads. The gang all got together at Anglers White River resort for dinner and a farewell dinner. The food again was decent but the company made the evening a success. Good times with good friends. 

Ben and his awesome wife deb
Sunday was get away day. it was a cool 38 when we met for breakfast but warmed up rather nicely later in the day. I wanted to get home so after a short stint on the fun stuff we jumped on I-40 and headed back home. I was in the garage by 3:30, having logged almost 1300 miles for the trip. I love Arkansas and I can’t wait to do it all over again real soon. 

new friends from Austin
As always it was a great time. The people make this trip special. Special thanks to Leonard & Liz, Stephen, Fred, Jim and Colin for riding with me and sharing a room with me. A shout out to Ben who added a couple of the pictures below. Thank you sir!

Jim’s new baby Versys
Until next time everyone! Stay safe and fun travels!