The ride report is complete and I am finally getting back into the grind of real life. These trips always remind me why I love my passion. Motorcycle riding is in my blood and I am thankful for all of the rides that we have completed and hopefully for the one’s that lay ahead. Life is good. Here is a breakdown of the trip. 

Day 1 – The Trip has started!
Day 2 – Hello NM – Thanks for the ticket
Day 3 – Red River NM – Family Reunion.
Day 4 – Colorado here we come!
Day 5 – A visit to the Canyon – Crested Butte
Day 6 – Passing the time – visiting friends.
Day 7 – Rocky Mountain National Park – WOW!
Day 8 – New discoveries – Pikes Peak Summit
Day 9 – Albuquerque Bound
Day 10 – Chillin in the Q – Wedding day.
Day 11 – Back to reality – Damn its Hot!