The Plano – Kawasaki dealership called and spoke with me at the motorcycle show. They said that my bags and guards were in and that if I came in on Monday they would knock out the installation. It would take an hour as they had to re key the bags to the bike key. 

I went by the local Starbucks to have breakfast and to answer a few work e-mails. I was at the shop when they opened. They had it all completed in just over an hour. 

While I was waiting for the bike, I made the mistake of looking at new helmets. While Jamie and I were at the show we found the HJC IS-17 Spark Helmet. The helmet actually had some orange in it so it looked great with the bike. The helmet also has the one-touch integrated sun shield which was a feature we were looking for. The dealer actually had the helmet and so I purchased it with the money we made off selling the C-14 seat and bags to Rob, so it was a win-win for the both of us. The helmet looks cool. Stay tuned for a report. 

I took a little ride after the new accessories were installed. I was not disappointed. The hand guards are great wind protection. The bags hold a full face helmet and look great on the bike. I love the look. I can’t wait for the top case to come in. We will then be set. 
What do you all think?