Jamie and I loved the C-14. We put many a good mile on her. We bought the connie in 2010 for a great deal. She had 500 miles on the clock. This week she rolled over 57K. We had so many good trips and so many fun times with our riding friends while on her. She was so dependable and so much fun. But alas the time had come where I started to look at other machines. One in particular. I read the article in Rider magazine and started to get the itch. I have always loved the Ninja 1000 and I love the motors from Kawasaki. I started to feel a change was needed. Then I made the mistake of riding by the dealership in Plano. I have purchased my 2005 Connie from them and they do all of my scheduled maintenance. AJ came out and I asked her to put me on the list to ride the new Versys 1000LT. She smiled at me and said hat I could ride it soon as she had one. My heart started to race…

I fell in love with the look, the new technology, the color of the bike. Everything about it was awesome! I sent Jamie a text showing this picture. I wanted to ride it then, but they had not even placed the fluids in her as she had just been assembled. AJ said that I could ride it on Monday. My mind was racing. Could we swing it? I told AJ we would see her on Monday. 

I went home and did more research, looking for a reason not to like the bike. I could not find any. I then read the Motorcyclist article on the bike. The Cycle World article. They all confirmed how great a machine this Versys is. I was sold!

Jamie and I went and test rode the Orange beauty. She rode like a dream. Jamie was really impressed with the feel of the seat and the wind protection. I was giddy over the handling and the power.. the torque was amazing. We both arrived back at the shop, smiles from ear to ear. We worked out a deal and took off all of the stuff needed from our C-14. We were so excited, but also saddened to say goodbye to such a good machine. The Connie will always have a place in our heart. But hey no looking back! Were Versys owners and we are ready to have more good times on our new Kawasaki. Let the good times roll!

I have to say that the buying experience at http://www.planokawasakisuzuki.com/ was awesome!. This is the second bike that I have purchased from this dealer. They do most of my service work, change my tires when needed and just about anything else I might need. They have some great deals on 2014 at the moment. Do me a favor and mention my name if you stop by. They are good people.