We woke up to another great morning. The air was cool, but it was dry. The moment hit me as I realized that I had to pack up and head back to the house. I love New Mexico and having to leave is never a good feeling. We packed up and headed back to Las Vegas to eat at Charlies before hitting the road.

The rally was a lot of fun. They said that 325 people had signed up. The weather was great and it was great catching up with friends we have seen at the rally in years past. There is nothing like a rally crowd. You see all types of bikes and tents and the morning chats while drinking coffee always start the day off well. 

We made it to Las Vegas and had breakfast. I got my last tatse of NM red chili and was ready to head back to Big D. Jackie and I met up with the group at Adrian Texas, the famous “Midway” point on route 66. 

The group had lunch. I was departing from the group at this point. I needed to get closer to home than they were planning. I had plans of staying in Childress TX. The weather was in the mid 80’s and it was too early to stop so I kept going. I did the 700 miles and was home in my own bed by 10PM. I don’t usually like riding that many miles, but the weather was great and to be honest it was nice having some me time. Till next time Ride safe!