What a great day to ride. I was off for the day and the weather looked to be awesome. Jamie and I had not done a ride in a while so we were both ready to get on the bike and ride.  The LoneStar BMW club was having their monthly breakfast ride so we decided we would meet them at Susan’s Cafe. I did a pre-ride last week. There were a few rough spots so with the help of Rob, we did some route adjusting. We took out the construction, but left most of the route that Ben had planned for the club. Jamie and I  met Rob at Starbucks around 7:30 to get a cup of coffee. The club was going to have a large turn out at the meeting spot so we decided that we would meet and leave about 30 minutes before the large group. That turned out to be a great plan. These rides have become very popular and they get plenty of riders. That is a great thing, I am just not into riding in a large group setting. We decided we would do our own route and meet up with everyone at the breakfast spot in Cartwright. 

Before I go on. I have to say that Rob and his new Kawasaki 1000 looks so damn cool. I think it could be the best solution for the solo sport touring rider. It is a beautiful machine.

We headed out at 8am. The skies were over cast and the temps were amazing. Great riding weather and for this time of year in North Texas, it is probably the best you could ask for. We rode through some great back roads and twisted our way to the cafe. To me there is nothing better than riding out in the middle of no where, not a care on your mind, just taking in the sights and smells of mother nature. This is the way to spend a Sunday morning. Call it my church. It brings me back to earth and makes me realize how important family, friends and good health are. We got the the cafe and had a nice breakfast. The gang showed up around a half hour later. It is always nice chatting with moto friends. The breakfast was good and the fellowship even better. 

We took the long way home, enjoying the cool morning and wonderful scenery. I am always reminded how much I love riding with Jamie. We can go an hour and never say anything to each other, but the bond that we build on the bike is deeper than that. I love having her with me and I am so glad that she loves riding. I can’t wait to grow old and ride many many miles with her. She is my soul mate and the motorcycle is just one of the things that bring us closer to each other. OK enough of the sappy Jerry. 

We finished with almost 200 miles on the clock and a great morning of riding. If there is a better way to spend a Sunday, I would not know what it is.. Until next time. Ride safe everyone!

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