We got up and enjoyed a nice breakfast before heading out of Ouray and onto one of our favorite legs of the journey. Co 141 is an awesome road with some great scenery. It goes through Gateway Colorado that is home of the Gateway Canyon Resort. It is out in the middle of no where but what a beautiful place.

We enjoyed the ride and took a bunch of pictures. We have done this road a number of times and it gets better each time.

I love my beautiful riding partner. 
This cat was just chillin in the window.

Jamie and I stopped a number of times to take pictures and to soak in the beauty. We stopped at the resort to get a glass of tea. The place was a ghost town. It sure was pretty. 

Jamie was being artsy..
Nice view

We rolled into Steamboat Springs around 5PM. We checked into the hotel and then we were off to another Colorado rooftop for a beer and some dinner. It was another great day of riding in Colorado.

I am a lucky man!