Antonio – David – Jackie

This was a great day of riding. We ate breakfast and then headed up to do the wolf creek pass run we had set up for the trip. We got to Chama and stopped for a drink. If you have never taken the train up there it is a must. Very scenic and a must do! While there we chatted with a guy who had just come from where we were headed and he said the road construction was pretty bad with delays and some mud roads thrown in. We decided to detour and take another route. It was a good choice. The roads were great, with little traffic. We had a great morning of riding in Southern Colorado.

the trusty steeds

We made our way through the nice twisty roads and dropped into a little town of Manassa Colorado. Well I guess we did not slow down enough, so the next thing I knew I was having a nice conversation with a local sheriff. There was 4 people on the street that morning. The three of us and him.. he wrote me for 42 in a 25. We all thought it was a 35.. doh! He was nice enough, but damn really ?? you had to write me? Oh well just a fee I seem to spend every time I visit Colorado.
meeting some of the locals..
We headed back to New Mexico and had a good lunch in Red River NM. As many of you know, we are very familiar with this area as we attend Jamie’s family reunion here every year. It has to be one of my favorite places. We enjoyed a nice lunch. We took the long way back to Sipapu to kick tires and check out the rally. 
Red River NM
You had to ask? Green Chili Cheeseburger please..
It was a fun day of riding. We hung out at the Rally and just chilled out. We had a beer and got to chat with some nice people. This is a great rally. We could have camped this year as the weather for the most part was very good. Here are some pictures from the rally site.