Finally back on the bike

As you all know, we had a slight altercation with a deer on the last day of our trip from Colorado. The Connie has been in the shop for almost two months to the day. The damage was $3100.00 I have to say that Progressive was awesome and the follow up was tremendous. It was bad timing for them as they had only been my insurance carrier for less than two weeks when the accident happened. They were very professional and I am proud to call them my insurance company.

Some of the parts were back ordered due to the recent earthquakes in Japan. The last piece came in today and I will take it in on Saturday to make sure it gets installed. So I got to take a short ride on Sunday as the Lonestar BMW riders were doing their monthly breakfast. What a great day and being back on the bike brought me a large smile. So next up is Sipapu Rally with some camping thrown in. I can’t wait.

One thought on “Finally back on the bike

  1. Just purchased a new leftover 2009 Connie in June, and now that I have the handlebars sorted (Heli risers and Murph's Wedges) I love it! I just dread the day if/when it ever goes down as with all the plastic and sub-frames I know it won't be a cheap or quick fix.


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