I have finally completed the ride report. It has taken me longer than normal due to work and family obligations. the good news is I have it finished and I think it sums up the trip very nicely. You can read about the entire trip by following the links below.

June 10 – Vacation is Finally here.
June 11 –
Colorado baby! Bring on the cool temps.
June 12 –
Enjoying the fresh air, Family, Friends and Hiking.
June 13 –
Lions, Tigers and the Air Force
June 14 –
Our last day in Evergreen
June 15 –
Back in the Saddle
June 16 –
More Colorado Dreaming
June 17 –
A Colorado village tour.
June 18 –
Goodbye cool breezes, hello HOT Texas!
June 19 –
Last day of the trip – Deer Strikes Suck!

See all of the pictures from our trip here. This was a first for both Jamie and I. We usually do these sort of trips with 2-4 other riders. We enjoy being with friends and the hanging out after a long day of riding, telling stories and just enjoying the comradrie of the group. This trip was different as it was just her and I for the most part.

We did most of the trip solo, just as a couple. There were many positives on this trip because it was just us. It was nice to go at our own pace. In a group setting the stops are more orchestrated. It was nice to stop and smell the roses, take pictures when you wanted. It was nice. We also enjoyed ending the day as a couple. Discussing plans for the next day, figuring out where we would ride to. I am usually a very stick to the plan kinda guy and this trip allowed for me to be a little more flexible. It was refreshing. We visited places and took longer stops. it was very nice.

With that being said, I will never stop doing the group ride thing. I love being around my friends and enjoying great rides with good friends. I will continue to do the group rides but will also plan on doing more solo trips with Jamie.

I hope you enjoy this ride report.