Day #1: Hot Days in North Texas

I went to work this morning knowing that my vacation started in 6 hours. I never sleep well the night before a trip, and this was the case again.

I left the store right had noon. Jamie had lunch ready when I got home. We were on the bike starting our 9 day journey right on time.

The ride was very Hot. We hit Wichita falls and it was 104. It did cool down by the time we reached Amarillo. Cool vests are awesome. We at a quick dinner at Dennys then hit the sack. Tomorrow we get to Colorado. Can’t wait

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2 thoughts on “Day #1: Hot Days in North Texas

  1. More “cool” power to ya'll. We're a little south of you (Cypress, TX.) and I just can't get motivated to ride in this ungodly heat! Haven't even got the urge to begin bringing old Cy (82 cb900c) back to life. Don't know if it's my fifty plus life years or the 99 degree 99% humidity in the garage. Seems like the only relief from this heat is Canyon Lake or the Guadalupe River. George B. senior's got the right idea- Texas in the winter and Maine in the summer!

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