Jamie and I are headed to the great state of Colorado in a few days. We were set to go on a long journey with the LSBMW club out of North Texas but our plans changed last minute. It will be a great trip. We are headed to stay with friends in Evergreen Colorado while spending three days with my son Alec. That will be one of the highlights of our journey. Thanks to Pete and Vibeke for letting us hang out for those days. It sure cuts down on our costs and we get a car to boot! Thanks again we love you guys.

We will leave the Metromess on Friday afternoon as soon as I leave the BOB (big orange box). We should get on the road sometime around 1PM. Should be a nice toasty start to the trip. Could be close to triple digits. We will get to Amarillo sometime around 8PM. We got a free room thanks to Pete and Vibeke. (they are too nice and we love them).

On Saturday we will ride the 500 miles into Evergreen. It will be a slab day, but the good news is the temps will drop and Texas will be long gone in our rear view mirror. We will get to stay in Evergreen and see Alec for three days. We will just chill and be tourist and enjoy our time with my son. I am so looking forward to spending some quality time with him. We are doing the zoo and some hiking and maybe even catching a game. Should be a great visit.

On Wednesday we will depart from Evergreen and head to Glenwood Springs Colorado. We will make our way thru the Vail valley, Leadville and many beautiful roads. I am sure we will do some shopping and just enjoy the fresh mountain air. Jamie and I have never done a long ride by ourselves so this will be a smell the roses and enjoy the ride trip. I am looking forward to some nice roads and some down time. Should be a great time.

Thursday we will get up and take the long way to Ouray. We will ride beautiful 82 out of Glenwood Springs and then head over toward Gunnison on 92 and 50. This will be a great day of riding. I love this part of Colorado. We will spend our evening in Ouray enjoying the river and I am sure some adult beverages will be consumed. It will be a great evening.

Friday will be a great day of riding as well. We will leave Ouray, go back up and around Gunnison, before heading down 149 into lake City and Creede. We will end the day in Pagosa Springs. This will be fun as the LSBMW group will be there as well. We will end our trip with good friends. This will be a great day as well. I seem to say that alot when I am making a reference to Colorado riding. I could come every year. it never gets old.

Saturday we will head home, but not before visiting Red River and some nice northern NM roads. We will end the evening in Amarillo in another free room. (Thanks again Pete and Vibeke, you guys are awesome and we love you!) We will slab home from Amarillo on Sunday in the heat, but it will be all good as we will have many memories to look back on. I will do a ride report when we return. So until then, ride safe and wave if you see two smiling people riding a C-14.. I am so ready! Let’s ride!