We have started doing this Mothers Day Run every year. I think this is year 4. Herman, Jackie, Rob and myself were able to make it this year as Richard had a previous work commitment. The other guys left early on Thursday morning. I had to work so I was scheduled to take off around noon on Thursday. The guys were taking the back roads up to Mountain View, I would have to slab up I-30 to get up there before dark.

I changed both front and rear tires before this trip as I have a tendency to need to go by the Harrison Yamaha dealer and change tires while up in Arkansas. I was trying to change that trend. Herman and the guys helped me put on new PR2’s so the bike was ready to go. I was packed on Wednesday and ready to hit the road as soon as I could get out of the big orange box.

It was tough concentrating at work but it went by pretty quick. I left work at 12:15 and hit the road. I took the bike to work so I could get on the road as soon as possible. The ride was uneventful. It was just doing the slab thing, but it could have been worse. I got a chance to relax and collect my thoughts. Visions of twisty roads were filling my mind.. I was so excited. I stopped in Conway AR for a quick bite to eat. One observation was the water levels and some of the flooding in the area. Many of the service roads were under water as were many acres of land. That part of the country has been getting tons of rain. It was so green and lush.

McDonald’s in Conway AR

I actually made good time and was in by 8:30 that evening. The bad news was I had brought in the rain. The minute I parked at the room it let go. Of course I have this reputation for being the rain man, so this did not help. I went to bed pretty early as it had been a long day.

We woke up on friday and were greeted with a beautiful morning. It was not to chilly and the skies were clear. It was the perfect day to ride. The first stop of the day was at Cody’s in Fifty Six. We had a wonderful breakfast and then headed down the road the 14 miles to Push Mountain. We did a couple of laps…er I mean trips up and back. That road never disappoints. It was car free and the pavement was in top notch shape. Not a bad way to start a Friday!

The bikes parked at Cody’s

We enjoyed a great day of riding. We hit 16, 123, 114, 87, 74 plus push mountain. For the people that have never been to Arkansas.. don’t go it is awful. Not really, the riding is some of the best a sport touring / sport guy could ever want. Great twisty roads, few cars and did I mention the great twisty roads? It is amazing. We got back to the room after a quick snack of pie sometime around 5PM. We all concurred that we had found the perfect way to spend a Friday.

I think we eat at daisy Queen every time we are in Marshall AR

Pie at Cody’s

We ended the day by eating at Anglers and enjoying some catfish and watching as the White river rushed by. It was running so fast and full. Just another example of all of the moisture in the area. We had a great meal and enjoyed each others company.

Saturday started off on a bad note as it was raining when we got up. It was thundering and the rain was coming down. We walked over to breakfast and was hoping that the rains would go away. We ate and the weather was still not acting right. We went back to the rooms and was just being lazy. I was about to fall asleep when Herman said that we should load up and head for the sun. You could see that the storm was breaking. We got motivated and we were glad we did. 15 minutes into the ride the sun was out, the roads were dry and we were having a ball. It was a beautiful morning. We altered the route and got in just under 250 miles. It was a very nice Saturday. We stopped in Jasper at the Ozark cafe for a late lunch and then headed back to the room. Stephen left his glasses at the park bench in jasper. That was the only bad thing that happened all day. We had dinner and enjoyed the nice cool air. It had been a great weekend. We were headed back to town on Sunday. We wanted to get out and on the road at 7am. We wanted to get back to the Mothers and wife’s that had allowed us to enjoy this weekend on the bikes.

Excaliber 1/2 burger between 2 grilled cheese .. yummy

This was a very colorful person in Jasper

Don’t even ask.. My eyes are still burning!

We were on the road before 7am. we took in a few more miles of twisty roads before arriving in Conway for breakfast. We beat the mothers day crowd. By the time we left it was an hour wait to get a table. We slabbed it home and I walked into my home just after 3PM. I got to spend the rest of the day watching the Mavs kick the lakers in the ass, while enjoying burgers on the grill with my in laws. Life was good. It was a fantastic trip and I can’t wait until next year.

I did get a few pics of things other than places we ate at or of the bikes. My picture taker stayed home this trip, so we did not get many good shots. Sorry about that. I will finish this little report with those pictures I did take. Ride safe everyone. You can see all of the high res pictures here.