East Texas Ride – Newton Texas

We all decided that we need to get on the bikes and do an over night trip. Herman, Jackie, Rob, Stephen, Jim and myself decided to do the ride that Richard had put together last spring. It went through some great east Texas roads and was a trip worth doing again for some of the guys. I missed the trip last year so I was excited about going this year.

The Plano guys met up at 7AM on Saturday and headed over to meet the rest of the guys in Terrell. We hooked up and then headed for Breakfast in Edom at the bakery. It was a beautiful morning to ride.

We had a great day of riding . I had missed being on the bike and it was a great day to get re acquainted with the c-14. I love days like this. Great roads and wonderful friends.. Life is good!

We stayed over night in newton, enjoyed the wonderful cuisine of Three Flags that evening and then went to bed early, only to get ready and do it all over again. We rolled out around 8AM heading back to the Dallas area.

We had a great 700 miles. It was an awesome trip and I am so ready to do it again. I think that Stephens plate just about sums up the weekend. You can see all of the pictures here.

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