Old School – Thinking of my father.

Some parents are against their children riding motorcycles at a young age or any age for that matter. My parents were the opposite. My father loved motorcycles, he was always reading the magazines and keeping up on the new things that were happening in the motorcycle arena. I remember fondly how my father would clean and pamper his machines. He rode them a bunch. he commuted most days and was always doing little day rides on the weekend.

I remember as a kid how my brother and I would get frustrated as dad would lift the kick stand and go riding off into the distance on a Saturday or Sunday morning. It was not until years later, when I felt the much needed urge to ride. That I understood why he needed that little getaway.

I smile as I remember the good old days. My dad had some great machines.

I was fortunate that when I turned 15, my dad allowed me to take a safety course for street riding. He gave me a hand me down Honda cx500 custom. It was a great bike and it was the initial bike that started my love for everything on two wheels. I got to do some nice rides with my father before he passed. I miss him everyday, but I smile and think of him every time I start my bike and head off for a little ride.

Yes dad.. I get it now.. Thank you for introducing me to motorcycling. I love and miss you dad!

2 thoughts on “Old School – Thinking of my father.

  1. Very cool story. My folks were not into bikes, but had no problem with me getting one. BTW, your old bike looks more like a CB-500 Four than a CX-500 (V-twin).


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