This is a annual event for the LSBMW club and one that I look forward to every year. I got up early and headed out to the start off point, I wanted to fuel up and drink a cup of coffee before hitting the road. I rolled up around 7:10 and Bo was already there with a few other people. I got my coffee and watched as a number of bikes pulled into the lot.

Everyone just hung out and kicked some tires while awaiting for their group to suit up and take off. It looked like 4 groups took off with anywhere between 5-8 bikes. Rob and I hung out and took off to do our own route after everyone left. Bo was great at directing traffic.

Rob and I did a longer route than the rest of the groups. We headed over thru N Texas and Carpenters Bluff Bridge. We stopped at the bridge and took some pics before heading over to the cookout. We did some dual sport riding as I got us on a nice 4 mile stretch of dirt. After fighting off the local wildlife (two dogs that wanted a Jerry and Rob snack. haha) we made our way to Sulphur. The gang was already there. A nice group of bikes were on hand.

We got there just in time to get a burger right off the grill. The food is always good, but the socializing is always the highpoint of the day. Looked like a good group attended. We enjoyed the food and then walked around and chatted with everyone while checking out all of the bikes. As always it was a great time and fun was had by all.

It was getting warm, so Rob and I decided to slab home and get back to the metromess as quickly as possible. After a couple of hours of playing “lets kill the BALD motorcycle guy in the bright jacket” on I-35, I finally made it home. I logged just over 315 miles. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday. I do have one question.. when will the HEAT finally go away.. it was HOT this afternoon.

Till next time.. ride safe!
Oh yeah make sure to click on the pics to see the hi res versions. If you want to see more pics – Click here.