Colorado Ride Report Day #6

June 17th – Day #6
Evergreen Colorado – No Riding Today!

Just enjoyed the views, good friends and that wonderful Mountain air!

The plan for this fine day was to get up and go ride down towards the Springs and do some sight seeing. Our fabulous hosts asked if we would like to stay another day and enjoy their little town and hospitality. It took about 4 secs for all of us to agree that this would be a great day to take a break and relax. But who could say no, to these views? Would love getting up in the morning and sipping coffee on my back porch, if the view was like this.

The town of evergreen is awesome. Such a small town feel and they are only 40 minutes from Downtown Denver. We all just enjoyed a nice slow lazy day. Here are some pics from the day.

That evening we went down to the golf course and had a nice prime rib dinner. On the way back the critters were out in force. We saw many deer and Elk.

After dinner we enjoyed our hosts company and just chilled out. We did have the NBA championship game on (really?? lakers..uugh!) It was the first TV I had seen in a week and I have to say that I had not missed it. We packed up and got ready to head out the next day. The trip was winding down. In the picture below I am contemplating on how I can move to this great state they call Colorado.

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