June 16th – Day #5
Gunnison Co – Evergreen Co
268 Miles

What a beautiful morning. Last night was the warmest of the evenings during our trip. It was bittersweet getting up and going. We were breaking camp. I was really getting used to the camping life. The good news, was that fact that we would be staying in Evergreen with my great friend of over 20 years and his wife, in their beautiful mountain home. Another added benefit was getting to see my son and have dinner with him. So I was all smiles. We got our gear all together and had the camp all loaded up by 8AM. We went and had breakfast at the Bean and then hit the road.

We were going to alter the route some today. We were going to ride 92 again. (you can never do the Black Canyon too many times) then jump up towards Paonia on 133 then a quick little jaunt up 82 to Glenwood Springs. We would then slab it over to Evergreen via the greatest monster interstate on the Planet. I -70 has to be the best slab on earth. Always busy and beautiful. We stopped at Blue Mesa Dam and took some pictures. I love stopping here. I have a great memory of this area from years ago (84 I think) My father and I were on a trip and enjoyed 4 great days in Colorado. It is still one of my best times with my father. He has since passed, but I thank him everyday for introducing to to this great hobby of sport touring. Thanks Dad. What a beautiful day! We enjoyed the morning and tried to suck in as much of that wonderful Colorado air as possible.

I really do enjoy riding 92. It has great scenery as well as a wonderful road surface and many twist and turns. It is a road made for a motorcycle.

We did make a stop after leaving the Black Canyon, Pete wanted to take an action shots of Jamie and I coming around a little corner with a great back drop. I think they came out great!

After this little stop we headed up to Glenwood Springs. Of all the cities I saw in CO, I could live in this city. Following the river all the way up was fabulous.

We continued on down I-70 until we hit Frisco where we stopped for a drink and some relaxation. I-70 has to be the best piece of interstate in America. You can go 70 MPH and have fantastic scenery around every curve. Good stuff. The traffic is heavy and the tunnels are not my favorite but if you have to slab, this is the way to do it.

We arrived in Evergreen CO to meet up with My son, his mother and her husband and my lifelong best friend and his wife. They have a beautiful mountain home at 8000+ feet. It is awesome. We met at Beaujos in Evergreen. They have great pizza. it was a wonderful evening. i will not bore you with many pics, but it was a great way to end the day.

What a wonderful evening. I loved spending time with my son and our good friends. I am so proud that we can all get together and have an enjoyable time together. We are staying with Pete and Viebeke at their home and the drive up the mountian is a tad scary. We actually stopped at one time to allow 5 large Elk move along down the road. They were huge. It would not have been good thing to tangle with them. The dirt road up to their paved drive was also an adventure. I will tell more about that tomorrow.