Jamie and I got up this morning to a cloudy sky and a forecast of rain and storms all weekend long. We had planned to do this last minute trip on Thursday evening. The Queen is always nice for a quick visit.

So we put on all of our gear and headed out to meet the gang for breakfast. I was really talking myself out of this trip pretty quickly. I am not a big fan of riding and camping in the rain. I figured once everyone arrived, they would all just bail out and I would be home in my cozy living room, watching TV and chillin….

Pete hanging out in front of cafe Brasil.
Rob and Jackie all loaded up.

The gang all showed up. Rob rode up then Jackie followed. Pete & Kim arrived right around 9AM. I think they had an issue with the alarm clock. Pete and Kim proclaim that they are going no matter what. Rob say’s that he is game and then Jackie jumps on board. I have to be honest.. I was debating hard on the issue. Jamie said that the decision was mine. She was game no matter what. Well after some “peer” pressure I announced that we were going and we should load up and head out. The weather stayed over cast all day long, but we never got more than a few sprinkles.

This was one of our stops in Broken Bow, OK

We stopped and took a break at the gas station next to the casino in Broken Bow. The girls were all smiles and we were all enjoying the nice overcast, mostly dry day. There was a van at the station that had the entire back filled with pigs. We went over and took some pictures. The family inside said that the previous day they had a calf back there. I guess they were big in the local 4F club. Pretty cool, except I am sure the smell was something one had to get used to.

hanging out in Broken Bow.

The girls were all smiles. I love the fact that Jamie loves riding.

Pigs in the van.. not to be mistaken for pigs in a blanket.

We had a great ride to the lodge. Mother nature does have a sense of humor. We get to the 16 miles of 259 that can be a lot of fun, but at that exact moment the heavens opened up and we got some rain. Not a lot of wetness but it made for a more reserved pace. The ridge was nice and the road was good. We actually pulled into the lodge and could see for miles. Not a bad day so far. We new the camp sites were first come first served.. well we were not first and they were full. We finally worked it out to get an RV site. The bad news was the sites were in the open. The good news was the bathroom was within 100 feet. Not a bad trade.. or so we thought. The lady checking us in, said we should pitch the tents as the rain was coming. We went down and set up camp. It sprinkled on us a little but nothing bad. We set up camp and headed down to eat lunch at the lodge.

Jamie getting her hair back in shape after the ride. Nice view of the vista.

Jamie and I lived on the right. Yes we both fit. No worries.

Jackie and Rob putting up the Taj Mahal

During lunch the rains finally came, so a little run of the ridge was out for the early evening. We all just hung out and enjoyed a lazy afternoon. The lodge is great for relaxing and tellin stories. We were looking forward to sitting by the fire and enjoying the night air.

Jamie looking pretty and all smiles while getting her gear.

Jackie enjoying his chair.

How many people does it take to read a menu??

Again mother nature did not want to go with our program. While eating an early dinner we watched as the fog rolled in and the rains started. By the time we finished dinner it was hard seeing 20 feet in front of you. We decided to hang out in the lodge and wait to see what the weather did. Well it stayed foggy and a little wet. We finally headed down to the camp site. We WERE going to sit by the fire no matter what!


Connie looking good in the fog.

The uni bomber was camping next to us.. hehehe jk this is my beautiful wife.

Pete went down to start the fire, but he was not having any luck. We got his wonderful wife to come to the rescue as she finally got the fire going. While standing by the fire we all noticed that the wind was picking up. It was not raining, but you could tell it could start at any moment. We hung out by the fire until the wind had blown all of the fog away. We all decided to hit the tents to get a good nights rest..

Jerry doing the ROBOT by the fire. Man he is cool!

Kim took this awesome picture of her wonderful fire.

The overnight weather was not very good. It rained most of the evening. This is not all bad but the kicker was the wind. I mean it was WINDY. At one point the wind was blowing the tent into Jamie’s head as she laid on her pillow. it was strange. We got up and took our time getting ready. We folded up camp and then did the breakfast buffet before heading back to the metroplex.

Rain, Rain and more rain.. uugh

The trip back was non eventful. We got lots of rain and stayed wet most of the day. I did leave Jamie’s wallet at Broken Bow, but we were fortunate that they picked it up. We called and they agreed to mail it to us. We got it back already so all is good. It was a strange wet weekend, but it sure was fun.

Here are some random images from the weekend. Thanks to Pete & Kim for sharing their pictures with us. You can see the

Moto Adrenaline gallery here.

Pete & Kim’s gallery is here.

Oatmeal pies are nasty, but she looks cute eating them..

Kim and Pete enjoying the day

The trusty steads waiting for us to climb aboard.

Pete made a great make shift rack for the chairs.. Pretty cool. Ghetto but cool.. hehehe

Till next time.. Thanks for stopping by.