I have to say that this was a very good trip. No one had any issues and the weather for the most part was very good. It was nice having the girls come down to join us. I liked staying at the Koyote Ranch and if they could move the entire place to Arkansas we would probably become very good customers.

Read all about the trip here:
Day #1 – DFW to Koyote Ranch
Day #2 – Lone Star and good roads
Day #3 and 4 – Riding the sisters and enjoying the scenery.

See all of the pictures here.

I hope you enjoy the write up. if you click on the pictures you will see the full size versions of the pictures. I like the Hill country, but I have to be honest. It is the same amount of miles to get to Arkansas and if it comes down to the Hill Country or Arkansas.. well Arkansas wins every time. We will probably do this trip again in a few years. It was a nice way to start the riding season for 2010. Looks like this years riding will be top notch if this trip is an indicator.

Here are some random shots from the weekend.