The night was warmer than the previous and the girls slept OK for the most part. I know I slept better and was ready to tackle the day. Today we would ride the three sisters and enjoy the predicted 80 degree day. We took our time getting ready and then headed up to the ranch house for a nice breakfast. The sun was out and you could tell that it was going to be a beautiful day.

We rode 337 first and enjoyed a nice pace as the roads started to bend more and the steep grades appeared. The road surface was not great, but we could achieve some lean angle and the pace was quick enough to enjoy the morning. We had a wonderful morning. the roads were clear and the riding was awesome.

However the longer we rode the more traffic we came upon. The Harley crowd was everywhere. We started seeing a number of bikes. At one stop we must have seen 100 of the chrome machines go thru the stop light. We later found out that the Thunder in the Hills rally was being held in near by Bandera. We heard from a group that more than 10,000 bikes were registered. I sure know it seems like there were that many out on this glorious day. We ate lunch at Frio Canyon in Leakey. There were 200+ bikes there when we arrived. I would bet that our 4 bikes and maybe 4 others were the only non harley’s in the lot.

Well now I am going to take a few lines here to vent on a few things that we observed this day. First of all, it is so frustrating to come up on a group of leather clad bikers that have 15-20 people in their herd, riding so close together that you only have one option to pass. That option is to pass the entire group or ride behind a number of slow and loud bikes for God knows how long. I lost count of these groups that ride 10-15 MPH BELOW the speed limit, until they see you trying to pass and then they gun their underpowered machines, trying to ward off the pass for as long as possible. I just don’t get it. There were a couple of times when bikes caught us (not harleys but the sport bike type) and we all got in single file and allowed the group to pass. It took 2 minutes and then we had our road back. So maybe someone can answer that question for me.

Why do groups of Harleys ride below the speed limit?? Oh yeah one last thing. We arrived at 11:30am and I was amazed at home many people were drinking. Not just a few beers but a large amount. I watched guys and gals just drinking away, knowing that sooner or later they would get back on their bikes and head back to where they came. But they would now be impaired. I was stunned. I guess I am an old fuddy duddy but it just amazed me.

We took the long way home and enjoyed the beautiful day. We crossed over the Guadalupe a number of times. Our day ended back at camp all safe and sound. We ate at the ranch and enjoyed our last night sitting around the fire. This was a wonderful way to end our day.

Sunday morning came around and we all took our time breaking camp. We enjoyed a cup of coffee but did not eat breakfast as our plans for the ride home had us going thru Llano Texas home of the best BBQ on the planet. (I know that is a strong statement but DAMN it is good stuff) Coopers BBQ was our first stop on the way back home. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch. I was stuffed and could have napped before riding home, but that was not possible.

We made it home around 5pm. The wind blew hard all afternoon, but it was not a bad ride. the weekend was over and I had rode a good 1159 Miles. We must have had an issue with the GPS because it had a recorded speed of 127mph. Maybe it was one of those long 1 mile passes of 40 loud and slow harley herds we passed. Not a bad way to spend 4 days.