We woke up on Friday morning and all can say is Brrrrrrr! It dropped down to 34 during the night and I have to say that It was one of the coldest nights I have ever had while camping. I remember getting up around 2:30AM and I needed to go to the bathroom really bad. As I crawled out of the tent, the cold air hit and it was chilly! Jackie, Richard and I got up and all of us were cold. We got dressed and ready to hit the road. We went up to the ranch house and had a couple of cups of nice hot coffee. The pictures do it no justice as how chilly it was that morning.

We rode the 8 miles down to Medina to have breakfast. We ate at a small place named Keese BBQ, the breakfast was good and the coffee was warm. We were going to head over to the Lone Star Museum in Vanderpool. None of us had ever been there so it was a nice treat. they had a nice little collection of bikes and everyone was really friendly. Here are a few pics from that morning.

The day warmed up very quickly and we had a great day of riding. On a side note, Jamie and Jennifer were headed down to join us. We were really glad they had not come on the first day as the sleeping in 34 degree weather would not have been enjoyable for them. It sucked for us and I know they would have not had a good experience. We get a text from them in the morning, saying that they had a flat tire in Waco. They were fixing it and would be running a little late. Good thing that Jamie had been taught to change a tire. The girls went by discount tire and were headed on the road in no time. Jamie actually got to give Jennifer a lesson on tire changing so it was a positive thing.

We rode for most of the day. I forgot where we had lunch. I think it was somewhere like Camp Wood but I forgot. The name of the cafe was something like sisters. I should have taken a picture of the cafe but it was like most little places in Texas. Just a hole in the wall with great food. One thing we noticed was the amount of Harley traffic. it seemed like we were passing the leather herd every 25 miles or so.

We headed back to camp around 4PM. Rob was riding in from Dallas and we wanted to get back in time for the Koyote Ranch Fish Fry that evening. We were almost back to the camp, but then we were delayed about 20 minutes. There had been a Harley going a tad too fast around a small curve and it did not end well. We saw the bike on the flatbed truck and it did not look that bad so I am thinking that the person was ok.

We rolled into Camp around 6PM. Rob had already pitched his tent and was waiting for us. We took showers and then headed up for the catfish fry. The place was packed, there had to be 40-50 bikes in the parking lot. The food was decent and the beer was cold. It was a nice dinner. We finished up and then headed down to camp.

The girls arrived around 8PM and they headed up to eat . We finished the night telling stories about the day and the cold evening. We could see the stars and the fire was awesome. This was a wonderful way to finish the day. Good friends, cold beer, full tummies and the girls had arrived safe and sound. Life was good!