I was so excited as I finished the last minute packing on Wednesday evening. I have been waiting for this trip for a couple of months. The first road trip of the year is always a big deal for me. I could hardly sleep, but knew I needed to get some rest. I fell asleep with images of curves and sunny days ahead!

We decided that we would meet at Starbucks around 8AM to have a little cup of coffee and get a breakfast snack before heading down the road. We got together around 8AM, this allowed the DFW traffic to thin down some. I rolled in right at 8 and was joined by Jackie and Richard just a few minutes later. Herman had to pass on the Big Bend trip at the last moment as his back was giving him issues. So he also joined us for a quick cup. I felt bad as we geared up and hit the road. Herman is always a joy to have around on our trips and he would be missed on this one.

We headed out of town and the traffic was not as bad as we thought it might be. We headed down to the Hill Country via some FM roads. There was little slabbing on this day. The weather was cool and it never really got sunny and warm until later in the day. We got to the Koyote Ranch around 5:30PM.

We pulled in and our first impression was not the best. As we were getting off the bikes, a lady opens the door and asks if she can help us. I reply that we have reservations and she shot back that the late reservation box was around the corner. We all looked at each and thought the same thing about the strange welcome. I remembered back to our Deals gap trip a few years ago and when we pulled in late to 29 Dreams and how they went out of their way to get us a meal, beer and a camp site. let’s just say that this welcome was not as friendly.

We headed up the hill to get to our camp site. We picked out a great spot that would allow for all 4 tents to be set up. The camp grounds were very nice. They all had nice pads for tents, the only complaint that we had was the long jaunt to the bath house. It had to be a good 200 yards away from the tents. We did have a great fire pit and we would enjoy a great number of stories while sitting around the pit for the next 3 nights.

We had to run into Kerrville that evening so that we could get a fire starter and some water and little things for the trip. We ate dinner at a tex mex place. I am sorry but I forgot my camera so I did not get any pictures of dinner. We were back at the camp site just after dark. Not a bad ride, just a tad scary with all of the critters hanging around. We got a fire going and just enjoyed the evening hanging around the fire. The temperature was dropping very fast and by the time we went to bed we knew it would be a little chilly. It had been a great first day. We all headed to bed, knowing that tomorrow would be a nice day of riding.