I could not sleep past 6AM. I was getting things together in my head on how the day would go. I was going to bundle up. It was cold 40 degrees. My plan was to head to Harrison Arkansas, to the Yamaha dealership. Richard had a tire issue a couple of month prior and they took care of him, so I was hoping they could bail me out as well. I got up and started over to Harrison at 7:30. The shop opened at 8:30 and I wanted to be there as they opened. Vern, Shelly and Jamie followed behind in the car . they wanted to make sure that nothing happened on the way over. Jamie had her gear in the car as the guys were going to alter their plans so that I could make the ride to Push Mountain with them. They would be in Harrison around 10AM. I was hoping to have new tires installed by then.

Yamaha of Harrison, good folks.

I got there around 8:15AM. The staff showed up around that time as well. they were very helpful. I wanted to put on Michelin Pilot Road 2’s on the bike, but they did not have them, so I decided on the Pilot Power 2 CT’s. I know that they will not last long, but I was sure they would stick. hehe. So $495 and an hour and a half later I had two new tires. The guys all showed up around 10 and we were headed for push mountain by 10:30. One of the reasons I love riding with this group, is the fact that they would start their day late, so that Jamie and I could ride with them. I love these guys and they make these trips so much fun.

Richard doing some story telling.

The new tires are here.. the new tires are here

The weather was AWESOME! The sun was out, the temps were good and the roads of Northern Arkansas were calling. We headed over to do the wonderful route that is Push Mountain. I have to say that it is one of my favorites roads to ride. You can see some of the pictures taken by; Push Mountain Pics (we are pictures 281 – 285)

Pretty flowers

Here are a couple of videos from Push Mountain. They are from the camera so the quality is not the best. One more thing! TURN DOWN THE VOLUME BEFORE CLICKING ON THE MOVIES! You have been warned.

We stopped and ate at Cody’s after doing Push. What a nice little place. We chatted some and then headed off to do 14 and make a loop back to the hotel. Tonight was the big BMW dinner and we wanted to get back in time to attend. The days riding was wonderful! The Pilot Powers are fabulous! They stuck like glue. We got back to the room around 4:30. This gave us plenty of time to make the dinner.

Pet deer.. really??

Jerry & Jamie

Jennifer and Richard

Today’s ride was awesome. great weather, great roads and good friends.. It was a perfect day. We sure had fun.

The gang – Herman, Jamie, Jennifer, Richard, Jim and Rob

The Lone Star BMW Riders had a dinner get together at the Pied Piper in down town Eureka Springs. The food was decent, but the company was better. There was a damper on the evening as word spread that the president of the club, Tom Oliver had an encounter with a deer strike.. YIKES! We would find out later that Tom has a broken leg and will be out of commission for a little while. we wish Tom a speedy recovery. The mood was a little somber, but the evening was still fun as we all know, that Tom would have wanted it that way. We finished the night with some peach cobbler and ice cream. Not a bad way to spend the day.

Travis and Krista

Yes Jennifer and Richard again.. Rob face booking in the back ground

You can read more about the evening on Richard swims blog. Richard is the master of taking road pictures. You can see his great shots here.