Well as most of you can tell, the experiment of writing everyday after riding did not work out too well. I just got way to tired from riding and besides, drinking beer and hanging out after a ride is always a great time. So here is the rest of the ride report.

I did find some other pictures we took last night, so I have added them here. Thanks to Vern for the pictures.

Jennifer and Jamie hanging out at the Rocking pig

Day Two started out a lot like day one. It was drizzling out and looked really overcast. Oh yeah it was also cold as heck. I saw 42 on the weather channel, while getting dressed. We decided to sleep in some and meet for breakfast around 8AM. We had a nice slow breakfast, I think everyone was hoping it would warm up some. We finally got geared up and hit the road around 10AM. It was warmer.. I think it was 46 when we left. the good news was the drizzle had stopped.

getting the Connie wiped down and ready to go.

It was a chilly day, that stayed overcast. We did some great roads. We hit 74, 16, 123 and many more. We put a good 290 miles on the bike.

The gang hanging out behind us. Jamie taking great pics from the back seat.

The colors were awesome. We had a great time. The roads were a little damp so you could only go at it around 80%, but it was still a good time. The bad news was my tires did not do very well today. I had, or I thought I had… a good 2000 miles left on the tires when I left home. The bike is running the stock Bridgestones and when we left the tires only had 2800 miles on them. Well after our ride, the miles stood at 3125 and guess what?? the front tire was toast. Yep.. just toast. the rear was not doing any better. There was no way that I could do Push mountain tomorrow and ride home on these tires. I would have to go into Harrison and get new rubber before the next days ride. I was a little ticked off.. 3125 miles and I needed a new set of tires.. Hell I don’t ride that hard…

After taking a shower and trying to cool off from being mad about the tires, we headed over for a nice Italian dinner. We had a great night with friends, topped off with peach cobbler. We are a bunch of party animals as I think I was asleep and dreaming of push mountain by 9:30PM..