This weekend is the AFCR with the LoneStar BMW Riders club here in North Texas. This is an annual event that draws many riders from the Dallas area. A group of us are leaving at 6:30 from the Starbucks on 75 and Bethany in Allen Texas. The group will consist of the following;

Jerry & Jamie – Kawasaki C-14
Rob Spruell – BMW 1300GT
Herman Van Beek – BMW 1200 RT
Richard & Jennifer – Kawasaki 1200ZZR
Jim Schumacher – State of the art BMW 1300 GT

You can follow the group on Rob’s spot here:

I will be posting all weekend as I have my little laptop with me. Jame will be taking pictures as well. We are really excited. I have the bike packed and I am ready to go. As soon as Jamie gets her stuff packed I will throw it on the bike and we will be ready to hit those great Arkansas roads.

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