Jim was fantastic! Thanks to all of the cooks. They did a great job

Today was the annual Lonestar BMW Hamburger Cookout in Sulphur Oklahoma.

The alarm went off at 6:00 AM, I hit snooze, 10 minutes later I was ready to go, I jumped out of bed and took a quick shower. It has been raining around here for almost 10 days so I was itching to get on the bike. The starting place for today’s ride was the Tollway and Eldorado Market Street store. I rolled in around 7:30, after getting some gas and putting some air in the bike tires. The morning air was very nice. Not too cool, but very comfortable. The weather forecast was looking great as no rain was in the area. I pulled in and there must have been 30-40 bikes in the parking lot. I parked and joined into the conversation about the upcoming day and the ride that we were embarking on. The group of bikes was very diverse, many GS, RT, GT models as well as a few of us on other makes and models. They do allow some Japanese bikes to hang out.. as long as we are quiet.

Mark and the others enjoying the beautiful morning.

The group was separated into smaller ride groups. There were fast groups and then slower groups along with the GS guys. Jackie and I headed off with the 2nd fasted group. The ride was a nice pace and we made pretty good time. The group was a little too large for my liking, but it was a good day of riding. We rolled thru North Texas and then into Oklahoma. We stopped for a break in Oklahoma and kicked more tires. I love the social aspect of these rides. It seems the BMW club is very good at promoting these events as social events so we get to see a lot of the spouses along for a change. Jamie and the kids rode up in the car and brought Bella to check things out. I feel that this is one reason the club is successful. It is more than a motorcycle group, most are friends and it shows during these types of events.

Taking a break, enjoying everyone’s company.

Maybe Jim’s best side?? Hey I am just asking??

some of the “fast” guys heading out.

We took off and made our way closer to the Hamburgers. We stopped for a quick photo op at Turner Falls. This is a great little spot. The group did make another much needed stop to get some fried pies. This is a mandatory stop, as we all know that Motorcycles + Pie = Good times. Everyone enjoyed more chatting and some even ate their pies before heading to the Cookout. I picked up 4 as I got some for Jamie and the kids. I have to say that the Cherry was very good. I tried to take some pictures while rolling down the road.. you know Richard Swim style.. well It is much harder than it looks. You can see some of the examples that are actually in semi focus below. I need to get with Richard and have him give me some pointers, I love seeing his in motion pictures.

Jackie looking good

I was being artsy.. notice the falls somewhere in the picture.. really it is there.

Mark Jensen, looking sexy!

That is one big SHREK looking head.. Thank God Miss V holds up the looks in that combo.

We got to the hamburger cookout right around 11:45. This gave us plenty of time to kick some tires before the crowd showed up. We rode up and there were already a good 30 bikes already parked. One great thing about this venue is the parking. There is plenty of room and it is close to the food. I am thinking that the attendance had to be around 150+. The groups started to arrive one at a time and it never looked like the cooks were overwhelmed. Speaking of the cooks.. these guys are tops! They took care of everyone and it seemed that everyone left full and with a smile. Not too bad for $5. Thank to the cooks. I know Jim Wright did a bunch of work for this event and his enthusiasm showed. Thanks Jim!

Jamie showed up with the kids and the dog around noon. Bella seemed to like the surroundings as she had plenty of new smells to explore. The kids had a great time. The club made them all feel very welcomed. I think we hung out for a good two hours. Enjoying the food, fun and just doing what we all do best.. talk about everything concerning two wheels. I want to thank everyone that had kind words about us getting the new Connie.. everyone was so happy for us.. that is pretty cool. Thanks!

Travis and Krista.. looking sharp as always.

I am a lucky man!

I would have to say that the event was a very successful one. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.. Thanks to the LSBMW Riders for making this a great event!

Jackie and I headed out around 1:30. We were going to take a longer way back. We wanted to go see a fort that I had read about on Richards blog. We took off and enjoyed a nice uneventful ride to Fort Washita. We looked around and took some pictures. It is a very interesting place and I would recommend that if you are in the area to go by and check it out. We stayed around there for an hour and decided to slab it back to the metroplex. I got home right around 5PM and had totaled around 320 miles for the day. Not a bad way to spend a September Saturday. I can’t wait until next years cook out. If you want to see all of the pictures from the event, click here.