My New 2008 Kawasaki Concours 14

We finally took the plunge on a new machine. We had been lusting over the Connie for a while and this past weekend we found an offer almost too good to be true. A friend of ours (Jackie) was down looking at bike stuff on his part of town. He called me up and said that while he was browsing around he found this connie sitting on the showroom. It had 514 miles on it, still had 1.5 year of warranty left and had some great farkles as well. Jamie and I talked about it and we decided to go check it out. It was a tad early on the budget train, but hey it could not hurt to look correct? Well 3 hours later and we had our new machine. The gentleman who bought the bike was a friend of the owners. I guess the guy is a car buff but loved the look of the Connie and had to have it,. The dealership said the guy just never really felt comfortable on it and decided to let it go. He was asking $9895 for it. This included the bar risers, fender eliminator kit and a two brothers exhaust. Remember it only has 514 miles on it! They gave me a great deal on the Trophy, so our Connie came home to us for just under $7995.00 ! It was a great deal, we also extended the remaining 1.5 years of warranty one more year. They also had just finished doing the 600 mile check up and changed the fluids and all of that! We think we did pretty well on the deal.

Jamie and I took it out Sunday and had a great time. The bike runs like a beast and sounds awesome. Jamie loved the seat and really enjoyed the riding position. I can’t wait for our next big trip. Here are a few pictures.


4 thoughts on “My New 2008 Kawasaki Concours 14

  1. Looks good! Sounds like you got a great deal on the bike as well. One thing I have found, if the Wife loves the backseat, the bike gets used more often!

  2. Just bought mine for 8K, had 4000 miles on it, all stock and ABS. Found it by searching Craigs with the key word “Forces”. Divorce forces sale…Connie = score on my dream bike. Love it. The Seattle Police Department has one too, saw it at the Sounders game the other night. Hell of a ride, have fun.

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