LoneStar BMW Pasta Social

Krista & Travis serving up the goods!

What a fun afternoon. A group of the members from the Lonestar BMW club got together for a wonderful Spaghetti Lunch today. The food was prepared and served by Krista and Travis. It was FANTASTIC! There was a very nice turnout. Some of the members did a nice ride in the morning to earn bonus points for savings on the lunch ticket. I have to say that the turnout was great and smiles were had by all. The venue was very nice and accommodated the group with no issues. A special thanks to all of the clubs members who helped make this event a giant success. Hopefully this becomes a club tradition.

Jim getting the first serving of Pasta.

Beautiful smiles all around .. what a great event!

The kids were all smiles.

a nice group of bikes.

The kids enjoyed the large area to play in.

The gangs all smiles after a great meal!

If you would like to see all of my pictures from this event just click here. I also want to thank Herman for picking up my phone and bringing it by the house. I am lost without that thing. Thanks Herman! The pictures below are some random shots that I feel caught the mood of the event.

The ugly face contest was a close one. Thank GOD the girls were in the area to save this picture.

Richard taking a break from the pictures.

Tom our fearless leader???


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