RTE – Memorial Day Ride to Edom Texas

A group of us decided that we needed to ride and get some pie on the Holiday weekend. We left Plano around 8AM and headed up to the Walmart in Terrell. We would meet up with Jackie and Vern & Shelly there. we took the farm roads over to the Shed. We had a great meal and enjoyed some pie. The weather was awesome. Not to hot and not to cold.. just right as Goldilocks would say. It was a great day spent with good friends. Life is good! See all of the pictures here.

Our cat was chillin when we left this morning.

The gang ready to take off. Rob, Jamie, Jim, Herman

Rob’s beautiful new GT 1300.

Jim’s GT is a nice looking one as well.

The bikes all parked at the Shed

Jim said he could not see the menu so our cute waitress helped him out. She even said she would move it up and back so he could focus. Too damn funny!

Jamie eating peach cobbler and looking as cute as ever.

The gang is all here. Jamie, Jerry, Jackie, Herman, Vern, Shelly, Jim and Rob

Got a good 250 miles logged for the day and had a great time with our friends. Not a bad way to spend the holiday.


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