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Arkansas Spring Trip: April 23-26, 2009
Riders: Jerry & Jamie James, Vern & Shelly James, Rob Spruell, Herman Van Beek, Jackie Gunn, Richard Kirby, Stephen Slisz, Mark Jensen and Jim Schumacher.

Thursday April 23: We will meet at Starbucks on Bethany and 75 [1212 E. Bethany Dr., Allen, TX, 75002] at 8:00AM. Kick stands up at 9:00 AM. This allows the guys coming over from Ft Worth a little time to make it over to the rest of us.

It is 321 Miles from the starting location to the Ozark Inn. This is where we will stay at the end of the day on Thursday evening. Everyone should have their reservations in place. If not please call them and get that squared away ASAP. Make sure you tell them you are with Jerry James so that they know to put us all as close as possible to each other. The information for the hotel is listed below. I have made a route in both Mapsource and MS Streets & Trips. These can be found here; MS Streets & Trips file. The Mapsource file will be e-mailed to everyone.

Ozark Inn

Friday April 24: The group will eat breakfast and we will hit the road at 9AM. We will do 302 miles and a bunch of that will be in the fun stuff (i.e. push mt and other twisty roads) I think we will make it a goal to eat lunch in Mountain Home. There is a nice town square and we should be able to find something decent to eat there. We will end the day at our favorite little hotel in Eureka Springs. They have a great Italian restaurant with 100 feet of the hotel that serves pretty good food. Just don’t piss off the waiter? / Waitress.. hehehe Today’s route is here: MS Streets & Trips file. Last note please make sure you have made reservations at the Edelweiss, again mention my name to get the rooms together

Edelweiss Inn

Saturday April 25: KSU at 8AM. We will shoot over towards Jasper and do the Cliff House Inn for Brunch. Then we will ride 7, 16 and more on our way back to Ozark. This will be another 300 mile day. This will be another fun day of good and twisty roads. Today’s route is here: MS Streets & Trips file

Sunday April 26: KSU at 8AM. We will hit the road for the long journey home. We will probably eat in Idabel for lunch. They have a great catfish place that we seem to stop at every time we are in the area. The fish is very good. The total miles for the rip should be somewhere around 1200+ for the 4 days with more twisty roads than you can shake a stick at. It will be a BLAST! Today’s route is here: MS Streets & Trips file