Saturday morning was warm and a little humid. The group at the hotel, got up, drank some coffee and loaded up for a nice day of riding. We were heading over to the world famous Fred’s Lounge in Mamou, LA. We grouped up and slabbed it the 70 miles to Mamou so that we could get there before the place got to crowded. I had never heard of the place, but it sure was a fun place to visit!

People were already dancing and drinking when we arrived at 9:30am. The music was awesome and lets just say that there were some very interesting people inside. Again, it was a place that I would not have ever visited had it not been for Tom and this ride. I have to say that I would have been missing out. If you are ever in mamou, make sure you stop in at Fred’s.

After an hour or so I went outside and did some picture taking on main street. This was a a very neat place. The gang seemed to have a great time. make sure you click on the video below, it was the funniest thing I have seen in ages. Remember that this is 9:30am on a Saturday.

We headed out to lunch after spending some time at Freds. Tom and Herman had scouted out a place for us to eat. It was in a town down the road called Eunice. The place was called Nick’s on 2nd street. They opened up just for us. They had a little two man band playing and the food was tasty. There were two choices on the menu. pork roast or crawfish creole. Both were good. There was plenty of parking and no waiting. the club was treated like kings and queens, this was a great idea.

Tom and Herman had a great route, that took us thru the countryside of LA. We saw Crawfish Farms, Plantations and some beautiful scenery. The only complaint.. the roads in places were awful! Oh yeah one more thing.. i think that LA has solved it’s unemployment issues by hiring all of them to be police officers. i have never seen so many LEO’s in my life. WOW!

The weather could not have been better. Some of the scenery was breath taking. It was a nice afternoon for a ride.

We got back into town in time to take a nice shower before heading downtown for the local jazz festival. We took the trolley downtown and enjoyed a nice evening dining and listening to the music. The evening was so pleasant, it was a nice evening for strolling around. We all headed back around 9PM. We were stuffed after a great meal. It seems like all we did was ride, eat and repeat.. oh yeah I guess that is a good thing. hehehe.